Maybe it is time to ditch the large rear wheels on the Hot Wheels Camaros.


I hope you like Lamley’s new look.  I sure do.  I finally got rid of that bland, bungled, sloppy blog platform, and replaced it something that looks far better.  And you mobile users, the difference is literally night and day.  More on the blog changes later.

Oh, and you might notice the lack of my Lamley-style white background photos.  That is the next phase of my Lamley upgrade.  First was my office and workspace, second was the website, and third is my photo setup.  You won’t see much change in the photos, but I am still waiting for a piece I need before I can move forward.  So that means photos in the Tomicarama for the time being.

But the models don’t look bad.  Especially when the models featured are bright red.  And that is what we have.

I did the HW K Case Unboxing a few days ago, and the response was – shall we say – underwhelming.  Collector-wise, it isn’t the most exciting case.  Which is fine.  Out of the 72 models, I kept five.  The third color of the Ford Truck, the 180SX, El Camino with new steelies, and these two red Chevys.  The others are all headed to the donation pile.




But the red models merit a post.  The 2017 Camaro ZL1 makes a great companion to the 2012 ZL1 First Edition, and the red Corvette C7 Z06 is a red Corvette.  You don’t pass on red Corvettes.


The Corvette was introduced a few assortments ago in yellow, but red wins.  Especially so because it matches the Stingray that was released a few years ago.


That is a pretty pair.

That Camaro is more intriguing.  The 2012 ZL1 remains one of my favorite “new” Camaros.  It was released in four colors (yellow was a Kroger exclusive), and to me the casting looked far better than other new Camaro releases.  So I have been excited for the 2017 release.  As far as Hot Wheels Camaros goes, it looks great.  Nice front and rear casting details, and a good stance.  It does look a little smushed, but that is my only complaint.


Actually, it isn’t.  It is time, for once, to do a modern Camaro with the same size wheels on the front and back.  That doesn’t happen often.  Many new Hot Wheels castings have moved to the same-sized wheels, including a few Mustangs.  But Camaros and Corvettes have held on to the old HW tradition.  For the most part I don’t mind the large rear wheels, but for a vehicle done as frequently as the Camaro, it would be cool to see a couple break the mold.

The one I can think of that has the same-sized wheels all around is the ’70 Camaro Race, and it, not surprisingly, is my favorite Hot Wheels Camaro.  (And fun fact, it was designed by a Matchbox guy at the time.)

The ZL1 is great, but imagine if the casting didn’t have to account for the large PR5 on the back?  It makes a pretty big difference:


A little different, right?

It is a minor complaint.  I actually shouldn’t complain at all.  I collect Hot Wheels, and Hot Wheels have large rear wheels.  But an exception to the rule here and there would not be a bad thing.




15 Replies to “Maybe it is time to ditch the large rear wheels on the Hot Wheels Camaros.”

  1. Right off the bat, I gotta say that the new site is absolutely amazing!! I no longer have to scroll thru mountains of text and photos to get to the next post!! This new look is much nicer, trimmer and it still shows off the cars, and your photos wonderfully!! Excellent!!!!

  2. When Hot Wheels debuted in 1968, custom rods they meant to evoke had the standard big little combo.
    That has been a hallmark of Hot Wheels. And seriously, if they intend to continue producing late 60s Chargers and Olds 442s, I am all for it.
    Somewhere along the way, automakers woke up and began building cars that for all intents and purposes did not need that custom stance. I mean neither the Camaro or Mustang really look good with giant rear wheels with a raked stance. Nor do the bigger modern Chargers or Challengers.
    So I am with you. I bet today’s kids would rather see modern muscle from HW looking just as mean and nasty with normal sized tires like those on the street that they can relate to. Rather than a really old generational thing that they have no reference to being played out on modern cars the like of which they will never see in real life.
    Just my opinion.

  3. Why not a weekly contest on custom 1/64 scale cars? Be it by vehicle make, vehicle brand or color.just a suggestion.

  4. Great point made here… I have stopped collecting HW Camaros for quite some time for the very same reason. I believe 2013 was my last. And for the same reason, the upcoming Matchbox version looks perfect.

  5. Agree 100% wheels should decded by the car. Thel Newer models should have the same size wheels all around. Unless it’s like the Gas Monkey Camaro which was a track car.

    The site unbelievabley easy to navigate. Very steamlined big upgrade. Great job John!👍👍

  6. Who cares of the wheela are bigger
    American cars have naturally bigger rear wheels made for tearing up the road

    1. True, but it’s much more out of proportion on the Hot Wheels. If you scale down the difference from real life, it should be a much more slight variance.

  7. Oversized rear wheels ruin everything they touch, unless it’s a drag car then it was lame to begin with. Sorry HW, but comically oversized rear wheels just look awful.

  8. Congrats on the new website, it looks slick. Much more professional. As for the Camaro, it’s a model I’ll pick up without hesitation, but it’s true that same-size wheels every once in a while would be nice. The comparison shots of the rear 3/4 view of the real car next to the Hot Wheels version are quite telling. I definitely agree that the 2012 ZL1 is a beautiful casting, but the Hot Wheels Edition Camaro is a good one too…very very similar, yes, but also very good.

  9. Hopefully if Hot Wheels makes the Dodge Challenger Hellcat, it will have proportional rear wheels. They look great on modern muscle like the Charger Hellcat and the Shelby GT350R they made recently. Plus, as you said in this article, if they have already made plenty of models with that rake anyway (for different model year variations), why not have 1 with the correct proportions. I know the Matchbox Challenger looks so much better because of its correct proportions.

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