HW Car Culture’s true predecessor: Opening a sealed 2013 Hot Wheels Boulevard L Case for the Wheel Collectors Boulevard Sale

The Hot Wheels Boulevard Sale at Wheel Collectors starts today.  That is a cool thing.  Hot Wheels Boulevard, especially 2013 Boulevard, is becoming harder and harder to get.  The models were tough to find in the first place, and appreciation for them continues to grow.  That means the prices keep growing too.  So Wheel Collectors decided to cut prices on many of the best Boulevard models as part of the big sale they are doing this week.

All the models are here:

Hot Wheels Boulevard Sale at Wheel Collectors

This sale did provide a cool opportunity.  They told me last week they were going to do this sale, and I of course was happy to get the word out for them.  But then they told me several of the models they were putting up for sale were still in sealed cases.  Being the dork I am, the dork lightbulb went off and I asked if they would let me open some of those Boulevard cases on the YouTube Channel.  And they let me!

Yesterday three sealed Boulevard cases arrived in the mail, and last night I opened them.  On video.  It felt kind of cool to open something that has become so legendary the last few years.  I did three unboxing videos, and the first – and most significant – is below:

The L Case really is special.  It was the first appearance of the Datsun 510 Wagon, which is significant enough.  But because the big box stores for the most part cancelled their orders of Boulevard, sending the 2013 assortments into a retail abyss, these models became super hard to find.  And that accelerated the demand for Jun’s most signature model.

The same goes for many other Boulevard models in 2013, namely the Porsche 993.  More on those later.  But I am convinced that the desirability of the 2013 Boulevard models mixed with the demand they were creating among collectors was part of what led to Car Culture.  Hot Wheels went with realism in 2013 Boulevard, and even though the stores didn’t want the models, based on history only, collectors did.  Mattel saw that, and I that helped get Car Culture made.  And Car Culture continues to get better.

For now, enjoy the video and be sure to visit the sale at Wheel Collectors.

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  1. The Boulevard series is one of my personal favorites, and has been before the Datsun Wagon became popular. I love all the different variations, and cars you don't see much of! Plus the styles in paint and wheels. Not to mention the excellent card art was nice too but not first on my list. I would love to have just one Datsun Wagon from this series, but there are lots of others I still want to have in my collection as well.

  2. Love this series, it’s good car with real riders. and I always put the cars into the display case on the wall. in addition, there are some classic cars in this series. definitely will but.

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