The new Auto World packaging is awesome. Opening the models is even better.


I had myself a little opening party.  This was one of the better opening parties.

I mentioned in my Auto World Unboxing that this may be the best release Auto World has done.  The Ford GT40’s will get most of the attention, but with a classic wood-paneled wagon in its two best colors, a land-yacht Cadillac, and two STUNNING ’67 Mustangs (which may be the two best cars in the batch), you have a complete winner.

And Auto World deserves the attention.  I have seen a surge in TLV excitement among Lamley Readers lately, and it is neat to see.  I think Auto World will see it too.  Having an array of realistic looking 1/64 in a collection is way fun, and to me far better than having 20 of the same Hot Wheels car.

So enjoy the video above.  Hopefully I have provided good instructions with what to do with Auto World.  Acquire – open – enjoy.

(Find Auto World 2017 Release 2 on eBay)


2 Replies to “The new Auto World packaging is awesome. Opening the models is even better.”

  1. I love Autoworld. Finding new versions in stores it more exciting than finding $TH, for me at least. I am disappointed in that 2017 mustang. They missed the mark on that one. The hood fitment is horrible and the body lines are cruddy. Which sucks because the 1:1 is a beautiful car. Everything else in this release is a home run. I even broke down and bought the gt40 in both liveries on eBay just to secure me a set. I love the land yatchs too, but I imagine I won’t have a problem finding that one at stores. Keep the Autoworld coverage coming!

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