Lamley Unboxing: Opening a 2017 Matchbox G Case

We are getting back to the unboxings finally.  A&J Toys sent over the Matchbox G Case, and it’s a good one.

Maybe proportionally no, but when the right models go multiple in the case I am happy.  It does look like Matchbox is paying a lot more attention to that now.

Anyway, enjoy.

Good case, right?  Especially if you are first to the pegs.

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  1. I have been looking forward to get the Mercedes AMG 6×6, and the Subaru…the VW I will pick up as well. I like this paint better, and how Matchbox releases two different variations on some castings…good marketing strategy on there part. Overall I agree with you on this case. Great releases in this case, and several carry overs that give others a chance to get if they couldn't find them before! Great video!👍😉

  2. I found the Chevy van and the purple Challenger, but no VW or Mercedes as, in my town, those go fast even before the rest reach the pegs.
    I haven't met a lot of Matchbox completists/connossieurs. I consider those guys a special kind. Us Hot Wheels collectors are a dime a dozen, but when I meet a Matchbox completist, I try to spend time talking with him/her and learning something. I say this because most of us do not care much about the in-house designs, but to those guys, the release of every new unlicensed car brings a lot of excitement.

  3. Your thought about the possible reason for the repeat generic decos is intriguing…and while it's infuriating seeing old stuff recycled in the lineup, I will happily accept it IF that's the reason it's happening. If that kind of thing frees up the necessary savings to do full tampos on a kick-ass casting, then I'm all for it.

    The VW and the G63 are clearly the picks of this bunch…I do worry about finding them, even though they're being put in the case in pairs. Ever since I wasn't able to find a single one of the new Mazda MX-5s on the pegs, I've been nervous about some of these popular and highly anticipated castings. BIG fingers crossed…

  4. This is a GOOD case, the 6×6 being the must have. I have a concern though. Where are some of the licensed releases? The Crysler 300 the Caddilac1 just to name a couple? With some of these cases being mostly of generic pieces it is really concerning that MBX is baiting you to the pegs with just a couple of licensed models per case! They are doing these casts with perfection imo. Not overly done with liveries, I see what I see on the street. With so many licensed casts added to the line why not add more to the cases? This is obviously what is going to sell quicker? As you notice many questions.

    My question to you John where was the attention to that Challenger? That has to be one of the best paint jobs I've seen on an MBX in some time and you glossed right over it!

    As for this case even with the minimal licensed models it is far better than the HWs case. Which is kind of crazy to even say…..

  5. That's a good point about the licensed models…whenever we gripe about so many generics, the answer is always something along the lines of “it's very expensive to obtain the license from automakers to use their real cars”, but this only really applies to the up-front costs, right? I mean, once Mattel has a license and has developed the model, shouldn't it theoretically be just as cost-effective using these existing castings as it is to use the generic ones? Matchbox has a FANTASTIC back-catalog of licensed castings (including a great many from the so-called “Golden Age” of the mid 2000s)…wouldn't it cost them the same money to swap out a bunch of the generics for some castings they already paid carmakers to use at some point in the past? Or do they have to pay every time they use a certain casting?

  6. Anyone here have direct access to the MBX team? I have questions for them that I think most have. Why not just include more licensed models in a case? Why must they put doubles of the generics in a case? Does it cost them money for each licensed model that goes into a case or something? Its so frustrating. The cases are small and even with 2 of each licensed models….it's just not enough to go around. Clearly there are a lot of generics that don't sell well and just sits on pegs for an eternity. Stop wasting resources churning out boatloads of these generics and just give the consumers more of what they're wanting. It would be better if each case contains only 1 of each generic and more than 2 of each of the licensed cars.

  7. This was a good case. The VW pickup is a gem. Also, the 6×6 is truly a treat- 4 sided tampo pass on a $1 car!! If you really want to find it, be earlier to the pegs than the other guys. It is so worth it. Now… for the Volvo V60 in H case….

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