Lamley Unboxing: Auto World 2017 Series 1, versions C & D.

So prepare to add Auto World to your list of what to look for in the store.  Because some good stuff is coming.
The folks at Round 2, who produce Auto World, sent over a few models that are – and will be – hitting the pegs in the coming weeks.  Series 1 C and D are hitting now, and Series 2 A and B are right around the corner, most likely this month.
And I am going to show them all, starting with Series 1, C and D:
Consider this the calm before the storm, because Series 2 introduces some fantastic new art and a couple of doozy releases.  That is coming next week.
For now, go find Series 1 and create some space for Auto World in the collection if you haven’t already done so.  I have, right next to my Tomica Limited Vintage.  Both brands share a passion for stock cars and true 1:64 scale, so they look great together.
Those not displayed have a spot too:

3 Replies to “Lamley Unboxing: Auto World 2017 Series 1, versions C & D.”

  1. Only thing I'm interested in is the Country Squire. I will buy that in whatever colors they care to make until the end of time, it's a beautiful model and my hunger for station wagons is insatiable. I could take or leave the rest…most likely leave. The Impala is nice though…from right around when they were REALLY turning into land yachts.

  2. I have found some at Target on rare occasions. two toys r us around me stock them as well. Luckliy for me I seem to be the only around here interested in them, hotwheels pegs are constantly empty but the autoworlds just hang out. For the price you can not beat them

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