Case Report: 2017 Hot Wheels International K Case

Hot Wheels Batch K at Wheel Collectors

Remember these?

It seems like it has been ages since we did a Hot Wheels Case Report.  That is because it has.  A little kink in the Mattel distribution system meant that Wheel Collectors didn’t get the J Case, and the K Case a little late.

I have a J Case coming, and will do my best to do a report and an unboxing, but in the meantime, let’s move on to Case K.  As usual, Wheel Collectors picked one case at random off the pallet that arrived today and photographed its contents 3-by-3.  The models are listed at the link below:

Hot Wheels Batch K at Wheel Collectors

As you check out this case, look for something kind of interesting.  Something I haven’t seen before.


Treasure Hunt Alert.

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  1. “Look for something kind of interesting. Something I haven't seen before”

    Crescendo, Gazella GT & Blitzspeeder have chrome-lipped colored wheels?

  2. I'm guessing the wheels on the Gazella and Blitzspeeder are what you're referring to…it's an interesting look, and made me do a double take when I found this case in my local Wal-Mart. Interesting looking, but not something that'll work visually on any vehicle except the fantasy ones.

    I was pleased to get my hands on most of the good stuff in this case the other day…although The Model X I bought ended up being all messed up…didn't get riveted correctly on the side facing away from what you could see from outside the package. So I'll be looking for another of those. Otherwise, some good stuff.

  3. As ever thank you for showing these off in picture form, i much prefer it to a video where you dont get chance to absorb each model properly.
    I have to say though as a collector of liscensed castings only this is a very very disappointing batch. Out of 72 models there is literally only a handful I would buy. I know everyone has their own personal collecting parameters but there is a LOT of generic fantasy castings here!

  4. Bit of a mixed bag, but I'll be tracking down the Custom Ford Truck recolour, El Camino, Mini recolour, Chevlle, 32 Ford recolour, VW T2, GT40 and the Surf n Turf.

  5. Treasur hunt and its recolor in the same case. Definitely something I've seen for the time. Also I quite like the Blade Raider, I'll pick up the TH when I find it.

  6. I will get them all, but, about 25 appeal to me.
    Love the Hotweiler AND the cool name association. Hot Wheels names are a huge part of their appeal for me. Always has been since '68.
    I wish the El Camino had some engine chrome. Always killed this piece for me.
    The Flash Drive has a positionable wing and spoiler. Minimal thrill, but, says it's good for the track. I like these renditions of Indy Cars. The Voltage Spike is a good pairing for it.
    I have already spent for the VW p/u & Flash Drive and the Chevelle. Opened these for various reasons.
    Most of the rest were available, but, I have other plans.
    Thank you for taking the time to present the entire box full. Some I haven't seen.

  7. I would have to agree. A bit of a disappointing batch. There are a few gems in here though. I love the silver Ford GT and red Corvette recolors! The new Camaro ZLI is a beaut. The VW T1 is really nice, as is the recolor of the Aston Martin One-77 and I enjoy seeing the Nissan 180SX and Ford Fiesta in HW Racing livery. I will also grab the yellow Viper. So not a total wash, but it is definitely not “loaded”.

  8. I really like some of these, new or recolor, such as: F-100, El Camino, Blast Lane, Chevelle, Rig Heat, 32 Ford, Camaro ZL1, Model X, Blade Raider(TH), T2 Pickup and maybe the Surf N Turf.

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