Clash of the titans: Which Hot Wheels behemoth is your favorite?

Right out of the gate, I will apologize for the overuse of the word “behemoth” in this post.  When discussing the large, lifted pickups Hot Wheels has done, the tendency would be to use the word “monster” to describe them, but Monster Jam pretty much has a monopoly on that word.

So what I would generally call monster trucks are surely not Monster Trucks, so “behemoth” it is.  During my office organization project I came across a few of these monst…ur…behemoths, and got me wondering which is my favorite.

I have little connections to big bad trucks.  I related more to Sugar Ray Leonard’s “Small Ford Pickup” than to Larry Holmes’ “Big Ford Truck!” growing up.  But Hot Wheels has done a few of the big trucks, and I seem to always get them when they are released.

Which isn’t very often.  There are a few large trucks that have made the basic range, like the Toyota Tundra, but the most interesting models are premium only.  So I picked one example of each of the premium castings I have, and photographed them.  The only qualification?  They have only been in premium lines, and they are, of course…….behemoth.

And I asked myself a nerdy, completely irrelevant question that is made only for filler posts like these.  If you could only keep one of these castings, which would it be?  For me, it is easily the Texas Drive ‘Em.  Unless it is the Dodge Macho Power Wagon.  But one of those two for sure, unless you include the Jeep Wagoneer.

Pick a fave, because I can’t.

It really doesn’t belong here, but the Wagoneer is just too cool not to show.

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  1. This is easy. The first one, because it has motorcycles on the back so you could just park this behemoth somewhere save and cozy and use something smaller to whizz around.

    However I wonder, why both motorcyles are numbered the same… such details really bother me. Sometimes, it's a burden do be grown-up.

  2. I have always been a fan of the Dodge Macho Power Wagon…especially the orange and black variation. It has been the most elusive one to find! I haven't even found one of the last variation released on the Batman in the pop culture line. I do like the Wagoneer and Bronco as well on that end of the spectrum.

  3. I never did find that Silverado, unfortunately. But for me, that Macho Wagon is just too damn cool. A perfect representation of the theme-happy era it hails from.

  4. I with you….either the Texas Drive 'Em or the Dodge Macho Power Wagon. The Texas Drive 'Em is more detailed I think, but there's something about that Dodge that maybe just maybe makes it a bit cooler. I really can't decide. But in real life I think I would choose the Texas Drive 'Em Ford. By the way can anyone tell me why it's called the “Macho Power Wagon”? I mean it's got nothing to do with a wagon or am I just wrong?

  5. Both the Chevy Silverados are my favorites, but the newer SS is just a tad bit better to my eyes. Really awesome casting and that's really saying something because I usually dislike lifted trucks. The dark metallic red paint looks beautiful too!

  6. All the above trucks are great ones,BUT my vote goes to the 2016 Hotwheels RLC Selection TDE. Reason being is RLC Members had a say in picking the various parts we wanted to go on it. Especially the tires with RLC on them.

  7. The Macho above is really more of a red than orange, heh. The '70 is the orange and black one, was an exclusive in the Walmart 30 car 2011 Garage set.

  8. My favorite is the one I don't have an example of yet: '70 Dodge Power Wagon. Man are they elusive…

    And anyone else still sort of bitter over the Heritage Macho Power Wagon, or is that just me? lol

  9. Be careful with the usage of certain adjectives or loose figures of speech.. HAHAHA! No apology needed because some of those are indeed Behemoth!

    Anyhow, I do have the Bronco and Wagoneer. I really like the Bronco and so because it reminds me of the awesome Resto Mod Icon Broncos from Los Angeles.
    I wish I could see these all lined up in person, but to pick one besides the Bronco.. it would have to be the Texas Drive'em 'cause it's so detailed even down to the intricate moto bikes out back.

  10. Although both Power Wagons, TDE, Wagoneer and Squarebody are all in my display case I'd have to go with the OG Power Wagon both because of its rarity in usage and how awesome every release has been. Hard choice though.

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