Coming Fall 2017: 1/64 JDM Tuners from Jada.

I have said a few times that there has never been a better time to be a 1/64 diecast collector.  Of course that is an arguable point, and I am sure many of you can provide ample evidence of another era was better.
But in terms of sheer vehicular diversity (awesome made up term), this is the best time.  Of course social media has created a mashup of car cultures, and the diecast world is following suit.  So while some of you think JDM is a fad, and that overkill has begun, just remember it is making up for lost time.  And it is pretty exciting.
Enter Jada’s newest line of 1/64 models, JDM Tuners.  Jada most certainly hasn’t ignored Japanese cars in the past, but this new line adds to the fun of collecting today.  The folks at Jada were nice enough to share pics of the first three models for Lamley readers, with more coming as we count down to a fall 2017 release.
Two GT-R’s and an NSX, all with a Japanese Tuning House theme.  More to come.

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  1. These are beautiful! The Bensopra GT-R is my favorite, but the NSX looks fantastic, too. I hope we see a 2017 GT-R in the series eventually, and the return of some of their Initial D castings, such as the Sprinter Trueno and the Sileighty.

  2. Man I love the detail on Jada, GL and M2 but I refuse to pick them up because most are a different 1/64 than HWs and MBX. It sucks because they really do them right. Their attention to detail is unmatched imo. Would not mind paying the extra money for them either. Imo their even better than HWs and MBXs premium lines. Sort of like Racing Champs the size was off just enough that they didn't fit in with my collection. That said I would still grab the funny cars and Nascars great for wheel swaps or custom projects.

    Why do none of the current brands besides I think it's M2 not market towards customizers? Do they not want to encourage it? There are so many great customs out there. Mine are novice compared to many but I don't feel like I don't have a place. Even wheel swaps can make a model so much better than an original. Why did HWs ever stop producing the packages of redline wheels? They may not have been a big seller then or in store but there is a market for them. I would even suggest a real rider pack.

  3. The Initial D stuff they did was nice.
    I am ok with the size. People complain about the size but say nothing when a HW or JL Cobra is the same size as a Torino. Besides who else ever did a sileighty?

  4. They look absolutely great but unfortunately since JADA usually makes their cars much larger than 1:64 or even 1:60, I will not be buying them for my collection. It's very tempting since they're so good but, it's a nope.

  5. I'm not too sure how well these will do. Jada import cars have always skewed toward the Fast and Furious style cars. The JDM diecast “fad” has moved away from that style. People don't want giant spoilers or outlandish body kits anymore. In my opinion, these would have been better with some type of realistic looking, if unlicensed, race team decos.

    But why Jada is leading off with these models confuses me. They have/had so many more interesting castings yet they choose to release two GTRs at the same time. I suppose time will tell.

    1. Well, here it is 4 months later and I found a set at my local TRU. I ended up buying the NSX, Supra, and EVO. I left the other three.

  6. Nice but theyre not 1/64 so they just look very out of place amongst other 1/64 cars. I won't be spending any of my money on these alley for that reason. Price is not the issue. Jada if you're reading, please stop making these odd 1/50-1/55 scales. I'm sure you'll get more customers when you do.

  7. I don't really recall seeing Jada 1:64 scale die cast in stores. Maybe they just never did anything that caught my attention. I love JDM, but don't care for the overdone “tuner” look. Although that NSX-R is amazing! I would love to see more stock or lightly modified models. If these are bigger than 1:64 as many have commented, I will pass.

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