New Hot Wheels Racing Circuit being found at Walmart.

Just a heads up to check your Walmarts.  The newest Walmart-exclusive line, Hot Wheels Racing Circuit, is hitting the pegs.

Lamley reader @anaknampuch found these last night:

It’s all muscle, and all with the Hot Wheels Racing deco.  And as has become the trend, fantastic card art.  I see some I will pick up.  You?

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  1. There are 8 I will grab. The Pro Stock Camaro and Deora will be left behind by me.

    I like this set for sure. Interesting to see the 70 Firebird again, been a bit for that one.

  2. People were complaining that the previous Vintage American Muscle and Garage series were mainline cars being sold at a premium price. But these really do look like mainline cars. And I can't tell from the picture, but does the card on the silver '10 Mustang Shelby Super Snake say '10 or '65? They previewed that car at the Pittsburgh Nationals, but it had the wrong year on the card, '65.

  3. Zip Zero nada not interested in a single one of them. And our pegs are empty at most walmaerts or stuffed full of the latest Batman set that isn't selling. They need to stop sending ALL the exclusive sets to Walmart send some to Kroger/Fred Meyer and Target. Rant over.

  4. Well it's certainly not the most original Walmart-exclusive set, but there are some castings here I'm a big fan of, and the decos hit the right notes as far as Hot Wheels tradition is concerned. I think I'll probably snag 5 of the 10, but the Firebird is probably my favorite…I liked that casting a lot when it came out, and it's only grown on me since.

  5. These seem like something that would appeal to the Hot Wheels crowd. They're OK on the surface I suppose, just not my cup of tea. I'm more of an imports and clean paint jobs kind of guy

  6. Agreed. Except no Walmarts in my area got in the latest Batman wave. I actually would have liked a few of those. My closest Walmart has been virtually barren since Christmas, getting down to just 2 cars recently before stocking a case of wave B. They did finally get in the Fast and Furious wave in an Easter dump bin, but overall it just feels like they couldn't care less.

  7. I'm glad i'm not the only one to notice Walmarts shelves look something from the Mother Hubbard nursery rhyme. You might see some new MBX offerings but where the hell are all the latest Hot Wheels cars?
    I've seen dump bins with old ass cars and cards so torn up and nasty, you don't want to even stick your arm down in.
    Come on Walmart, let's get on the ball. Same for some Target stores too!

  8. I had to call walmarts 1 800 number to complain to them that all there stores were using hot wheels from the dump bins they have been getting of specialized items like the batman and fast and furious stuff to fill there mainline pegs and its been since thanksgiving 2016 that they have had any mainlines they finally got mainlines in less than a week ago but ended up being a crapload of c case way older stuff very disappointed in walmart

  9. No, you never want to reach down into those last few inches of a dump bin! You never know what you might touch. LOL!

    I haven't seen a decent amount of stock on anything since the B case (which is still all over the place).

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