Today’s Hot Wheels RLC Neo Classics ’67 Camaro pairs beautifully with the Nationals Club Exclusive.

Preview Time!

In just a few hours the Hot Wheels HWC Series 14 Neo Classics ’67 Camaro will be made available to RLC members.  Any Hot Wheels ’67 Camaro release is big news.  It is arguably the most popular Hot Wheels casting ever.

Add Neo wheels and old school spectraflame paint, in brilliant orange, and you have an event.

And it completes what has been a very fruitful month for fans of Neo-wheeled, spectraflame Hot Wheels ’67 Camaros.  This orange model joins the pink beauty released to RLC members at Nationals earlier this month.  Think about that.  April 2017 saw the release of TWO classic premium ’67 Camaros.  Not bad.

I probably say it every time I showcase a model on Neos: They aren’t my first choice, but when done right they can look fantastic.  They are done right here.  There are better Camaro castings, but nothing tops the ’67 for its retro feel, so spectraflame paint, simple graphics, and Neos look perfect.

Mattel sent this orange model over for a preview, and it looks awesome.  But it just seemed right to pair these two together, and they will stay that way in the collection.

Sub plan members, yours will be on their way soon.  RLC Members, you’ve got today to grab one.  HWC members, if any of the 7500 are left, they will be available tomorrow.  My guess is anyone who gets one will be thrilled.

Thanks as always to Mattel for providing the model for preview.  Enjoy the pics.

3 Replies to “Today’s Hot Wheels RLC Neo Classics ’67 Camaro pairs beautifully with the Nationals Club Exclusive.”

  1. Please call it by its proper name, it IS a Pink Party Car. They did destroy the tradition when they carded it and also by the way they distributed it but its still the party car. Im also NOT a fan of the increased production just so they can be sold to those that didnt attend.

  2. I don't believe they actually increased production on the car. There was no mention of that anywhere, and there are always left overs. I guarantee there are still Olds 442s, Light My Firebirds, Dodge Power Wagons, Baja Bruisers, and Custom Mustangs still hanging out somewhere.

    And, technically, it isn't the party car anymore. To collectors it always will be (myself included), but officially it isn't. It is the “RLC Event Exclusive” model now.

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