Hot Wheels was doing to Muscle in 2009/2010 what it is doing to JDM/Euro now.

I had myself a day when it came to peg finds yesterday.  The same rural store that I have visited a couple of times this year yielded yet more very cool older Hot Wheels.

It is a trip when you find older models like this, literally and figuratively.  It is such a shock, and a bit exhilarating to see them hanging there.  Moreso, it is a trip down memory lane when these cars were all over the place.  You remember the models you did buy, but even more you find yourself appreciating the cars you passed on back in the day.

These finds today were from 2009 and 2010.  And holy cow, I should have been paying more attention then.  I was all about the Japanese releases back then, namely the 510, R34 Skyline, and GT-R.  What I missed was all the interesting muscle Hot Wheels was putting out.

Back then Hot Wheels was all about muscle, so the interesting cars like the ’67 Firebird 400, Dodge Demon, and Buick GSX sadly blended in with all the Mustangs and Camaros of the day.  I can’t help but think that these are the equivalent of the Datsun Roadsters, Mazda RX-3’s, and 190E Evo’s we are seeing today.  Just, for lack of a better term, way interesting.

I started picking up on it a year or two later, with models like the ’72 Gran Torino and Trans Am Race Cars, but I didn’t see that things had already taken off a couple of years prior.

So thanks goodness for the retro finds.  These models are amazing.  Muscle is Lamley’s new hype.

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  1. Thanks mate. Here I was quietly being left alone to collect muscle and then you shine a searchlight in them. Now everybody and their aunt will want the awesome Pontiac GTOs and the kickass Mercury Cougars and super hot AMCs

  2. The tampos back then were much simpler and cleaner looking then today's. Those cars have to be coming from someone's collection as that yellow C6.R Corvette is a Wal-Mart exclusive car.

  3. 2009 was when I started to really get back into collecting again. So all of these were actually found by myself at the time. Was thrilled with all these cars I sort of idolized because of my father. Especially the GSX, Demon, Javelin, Cuda and (not shown) the Super Bee.

    Also, that yellow C6R is a Walmart exclusive.

  4. Someone at Mattel should look back at just how damn good these all look without unnecessary tempos detracting from what are essentially great little replicas for their price. I collect mainly JDM only yet my favourite HW of all is the Fairlane pictured here in teal,along with the two Garage variants

  5. I'd buy everyone of those cars and the current 2017 equivalents as well if they had the much better wheel designs of the Car Culture, etc series. Doesn't have to be the real riders tires or even the upscale chrome surfaces – just wheels that look more like mags, drag wheels, modern customs etc.
    I purchase most of the premium series, but the current “toy box generic” wheels on most of the mainline Hot Wheels turns me off from purchasing hundreds of new models. Even Matchbox offers a series of much better wheels on a lot of their mainline collection.

  6. God I wish I could find stores that did this…
    I do have about half of what's pictured here, but it would be awesome to find some of the stuff I don't have.

    Isn't it great to snag some old Hot Wheels for $1 each that would otherwise cost you $3 (or more) to get any other way?

  7. Listen I am a muscle car guy but I find JDM very intriguing. Most of all I like veriety and realism. I would love to see more casts of both. That said I don't need to see more Camaros, Firebirds and Chargers. I mean I love them great models but there is some really obscure stuff I would love to see. As a matter of fact I tagged the HWDT on IG with a pic of a bad ass Ford Pinto that would look great next to the Poison Pinto. I love the Vega but they could have done so much better. Case in point the Maverick, the current version is nice but the Mighty Mav blows it away. The stance just screams muscle. The current Mav looks stock no balls. That is what is missing from the design team imo BALLS! Maybe because the team is not from that era. Whatever the reason they need to research these before they design them. Not saying their horrible but they lack the it factor. They could kill these if they put in the time.

  8. I have to add my two cents about tampos. It's true that the classic examples above are WAY cleaner than some of the models that have been recently released.
    I noticed how crazy busy the designs on some castings have become. It's almost refreshing to gaze at the reclaimed lost treasures because of their SIMPLE tampos.
    It's like.. less is more!

    Man, if i saw these in some store i'd freak, freak I say. It's like they are trapped in time. Since it's Easter time, these colorful beauties look like Easter eggs!

  9. 2007 Camaro
    2008 Camaro Convertible
    2009 Camaro SS
    2010 Custom 10 Camaro
    2011 Custom 11 Camaro
    2012 Camaro ZL1
    2013 Camaro Special Edition
    2014 14 COPO Camaro
    2015 No New Camaros
    2016 Camaro SS
    2017 17 Camaro ZL1

    A new camaro every year since 2007…
    I'd hate to see what challengers charger and corvette is like

    Hotwheels needs to do more super cars
    Lykan SSC Lexus Mercedes Bmw Aston Martin (the concept cars)
    More race cars
    Less Japanese ones

  10. If you live in the Mid-Atlantic or Southeastern regions of the United States, you might want to check out your local Variety Wholesale store (Roses, Roses Express, Maxway, Value Mart, Super Dollar, Bargain Town, Bill's Dollar Store) or Fred's, they usually stock Hot Wheels from previous years. These are mostly stock that were found in the distribution center or the store's backroom, because someone doesn't understand the meaning of the terms “stock rotation” and “inventory auditing.”

    I've been on both sides of the process (retail employee and field inventory team) and you won't believe what you'll find in those storerooms.

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