Clean & Proper: The Hot Wheels Mazda RX-7 FD makes its debut.

Another gem from the @hotwheelsdreamteam feed:

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What is there not to like here?  So clean.  Such a sharp blue.  And you won’t hear a complaint from me about the wheels.  It looks perfect.

We know based on the Sneak presentation last weekend at Nationals that there will be a red recolor for KDays as well.  Or should we call it FDays?  Holy shit I’m funny.

Speaking of recolors, the Design Team also debuted the recolor of the 2017 Nissan GT-R as well.  Good year, this 2017.

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  1. Ok I commented on the last thread about the it factor and this has it. Very well done and they need to put this attention to the details to muscles. More than muscles would be a hotrod or custom car line. Let's remember muscle cars in many cases were modded to the hilt to where they were like OMG when you would see them cruising down your Main St. And I'm not talking tuned they imo are over done but a street mod or even a pro street. The 70s muscles were about so much more than just the cars it was about the speed just as much. Again case in point, that is exactly why Mattel got involved with Snake and Mongoose. That era alone should be celebrated as it was. Same reason the 50s should be celebrated! There were awesome cars from those eras some models never recognized by diecast makers. Wait Johnny Lightning did spot light some models that no one ever touched on. MBX should be the brand that sticks to stock versions because that is what they always did and did well. Seems they are back to doing what they do best. Now it is time for HWs to take a look back and remember what they did best. Not that their not doing a great job but they are not consistent imo and I'm sure others would agree….

  2. About the RX-7: This looks AMAZING. I'm sure the loud and busy decos are right around the corner, but in the meantime this debut and the recolor have me very very excited. Can't wait

    About the GT-R: This looks like the casting the first one should have been from the beginning. The proportions on this look perfect, and again, in the right color…clean and simple.

    Having said all that, I really am not a fan of the J5 wheel. I'm not sure how long exactly it has been around, but I daresay it's time for a replacement. I think it works better on the RX-7, but the GT-R really ought to have the 10-Spokes or perhaps Y5 wheels…The Y5 looks a bit like the wheels they put on the real car.

  3. I expected to see the non exclusive versions in both yellow and then black or vice-versa, and even there were plenty of models in metallic blue, I still love it, and the second(or first) color of the R35, makes it looks badass, hope it's not a exclusive as well.

  4. Both are beautifully done! The blue on the FD and the grey on the R35 look brilliant and even the wheels look good. I say these are strong contenders for mainline model of the year in 2017.

  5. at first i was confident about the new GTR but after bought the tomica one and seeing the pictures again i suddenly started to doubt if HW gonna fixed the scale……. i'll probably gonna get the grey one for comparison.

  6. Love love love this RX-7! The blue is nice, but it is the red one I most want in my collection. Hopefully that one last Kmart clear across town will still be open come K-Days.

    It seems as though gray has been an iconic color for the Skyline over the year, but so far I prefer the orange on this casting. Perhaps once I see the gray in person it will look better.

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