Case Report: 2017 Matchbox G Case

Matchbox Batch G at Wheel Collectors

Let’s just say this out of the gate: This case is loaded.

Wheel Collectors got Batch G in yesterday, and a little later sent over the Case Report pics.  And wow, there is some good stuff in here.  Two significant debuts, one very popular model, and all get the double treatment, thankfully.

So let’s get right to it.  The Matchbox G Mix, as pulled by Wheel Collectors 3-by-3.  You can find the models here:

Matchbox Batch G at Wheel Collectors

Enjoy the pics:

Awesome right?  The most notable of all the Mercedes G63 6×6, which becomes the first new Mercedes casting to hit the pegs since Mattel and Mercedes kissed and made up.  So exciting to see.  The other new casting is the Subaru WRX STI Police.  I have already expressed my frustration with the execution of the casting, but it is nice to see another new licensed casting in the case.  And then what many will consider the proper debut of the VW Transporter Cab.  This one goes clean in green with the very appropriate discs, and it looks amazing.

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  1. The VW and the G63 are absolutely fabulous…the VW in a simple green livery might be among my favorites of the last few years…

    That said, this batch is absolute garbage otherwise. The Jungle Crawler continues the VERY unwelcome trend of recycling a deco used several years ago WITH NO CHANGES. This is extremely disappointing. Every time it looks like Matchbox is getting back on track, they throw in a recycled model, or they load a case up with plastic-bodied generics. I really look forward to hopefully finding the two gems in this case, but the rest of it is maddening.

  2. the amount of dump trucks atvs, and utility vehicles and boats is very frustrating, put one of each of those in a box and have the rest be licensed models that you cant find on the pegs.

  3. If Matchbox keep bringing out stunning licensed models like the G63, Transporter, WRX, Chevy Van etc, then I'm perfectly happy to put up with a few recycled decos on the generics in the interests of cost saving. Great case! My only criticism is two per of Hydro Cruiser. Should have been two per of the Dodge Challenger. My locals stores still have the 2016 Hydro Cruiser warming the pegs.

  4. Matchbox has been doing very little for me so far this year. No stunners in this case either. I may pick up the Subaru and VW if I see them, but that's it. I may have an interest in the M-B 6×6 if we get a later recolor, but this cream color is boring. I get it, it's a desert/military color, but it doesn't grab me. Honestly, I'm not raving about the green of the VW either. Maybe do it in a pale blue?

    1. Strangely, Matchbox blisters don’t have a case code on the back like Hot Wheels to find out which case it is. The only way you can tell which case is what is by looking at the box the cars come in. Similarly to Hot Wheels, the box itself contains a letter at the end of the factory code to let you know which one it is. In this case (no pun intended) this one is G case. It would be helpful if Matchbox put the letter on the back of the blister like Hot Wheels, but you just have to look at the box itself online if you’re interested. Hope this helps.

  5. John, I'm a numbers guy as you know. This case is not “loaded,” at least in the way you mean it to be. In fact, by the numbers, it's one of the poorest selections of the new 24-count case era (which stands at 19 case codes/mixes to date), with a minuscule 9 licensed models. That means 62.5% of the case is populated with “Matchbox Originals,” and only 37.5% is populated by licensed. Granted, they're all top-notch licensed, but this case — especially with the double-shot of Hydro Cruisers — will definitely cause pegwarming backlog at big box stores, resulting in the next few case codes likely getting skipped with too much diecast detritus on the pegs to allow for restocks.

    Mattel has to find a way to get the amount of licensed models per 24-count case consistently numbering between 12-16 vehicles, not the 9-11 vehicle count which is what I see nearly every case, with few exceptions.

    I'll have to go back and check the numbers, although I believe last year's G or H case is the record holder with 14 licensed vehicles. Technically speaking, that's still pretty poor, because that means there were still 10 Matchbox Originals acting as filler.

    Respectfully, my two-cents,

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