Hot Wheels debuts the new Entertainment Fast & Furious R34 Skyline.

It is a common question whenever Hot Wheels releases yet another version of the grey FnF R34 Skyline:

When are we going to see the blue one?

Paul Walkers character drove two.  The silver one with blue stripes, and a plain blue one.  I don’t know when movie each is in, but based on the photos I am partial to the blue one.  And it is finally coming, happily in premium form.

The blue R34 will be in the next Hot Wheels Entertainment assortment.  And Hot Wheels marketing guru Jimmy Liu gave us a dramatic first look at Pittsburgh Nationals:


First off, Jimmy’s IG account is a must-follow.  It is a happy given that there are a lot of car nerds on the Hot Wheels Design Team, but having an equally nerdacious car dork on the marketing team is important too.  Jimmy is exactly that, and has gone to battle to get some of the gems we are going bonkers for, like Car Culture, to the pegs.

Jimmy is a huge R34 fan, so there is a fatherly sense of pride I am sure for him to debut the R34.  And it looks awesome.  Full front and rear details.  Side too.  It is the premium debut for the casting too.  First time on Real Riders with a diecast chassis.  Look for it very soon.

More to come from Nationals.

13 Replies to “Hot Wheels debuts the new Entertainment Fast & Furious R34 Skyline.”

  1. The silver R34 is from 2 Fast 2 Furious (2nd movie) and the blue one is from Fast & Furious (4th movie). Sorry to say, John, but I feel like this must be said. I find it a bit irritating and ignorant that you've written so many posts about the FnF Skyline R34 (FnF cars in general) and yet still don't know which car is from which movie. It takes less than a minute to do a quick Google search and get your facts right. Rant over.

    I think this might be the best version of the R34, save the original silver. Not sure if the 3 spoke wing nut wheels suit it, but that paint is beautiful! This might give the Mercedes Evo a run for its money.

  2. Ha! Probably won't see this until September, unless one of my local Walmart stores here in Md gets first before hand.

    Some of the BONEHEADED managers don't like to order in a timely manner and if and when they do.. it's not many!

    Thanks store managers!!!

  3. I don't get the deal with your obsession with generics, junk and peg warmers. I never see you post anything positive. You must be a neckbeard or something….

  4. Cool, sporty-looking machine…and of course it IS VERY sporty!
    Warming up to these cars when they sport Real Riders…big step, along with the detailing.
    Still a Red Line lover, though. Wouldn't mind this in those as well.

  5. To the moron up there complaining about the writer not knowing which movie the r34 was in, you need to check the facts yourself. The silver r34 that was in the second movie is the SAME one as the blue. The in between short film connecting the first 2 movies shows Paul walker buying the r34 in Texas in blue. He then modifies it and paints it silver with the blue stripes.

  6. No Chris you're the moron. It's not the same R34 because Walkers character gets it impounded in the second film. It then clearly shows in the fourth film that the blue R34 is actually sourced from a scrap yard along with two other GTR's (including an R35) when he's going undercover for the race for Abraham. Don't go calling people names before you fact check first bro.

  7. You need to check your facts before calling people out. Let me school you: in Turbocharged ​Prelude (the short film) the Skyline is dark green, not blue. Brian then paints it silver, and the blue stripes are added in 2 Fast 2 Furious. This car is crashed and impounded by the police. Then in Fast & Furious 4, for the audition race, the police offer him any car of his choice from their impound lot and he chooses this blue R34 GT-R and modifies it using parts from a white R34 GT-T and an R35 GT-R.

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