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The upcoming Kyosho Honda Minicar collection, featuring the new NSX, is available for order at Japan Booster.

Heads up time.

It seems like we haven’t seen any Kyosho for awhile, but that will end soon.  Their new Honda collection is coming soon, and it is available for preorder on Japan Booster’s website:

Kyosho Honda NSX & S660 at Japan Booster

Two nice things about this set.  First, its the models.  The NSX is a great choice for Kyosho, and it is accompanied by the tiny kei car S660 sports car.  Second, that is it.  It is just those two, which makes this set a little easier to manage than the more cumbersome 24-model sets.  Cheaper too.

Check them out and snag a set at Japan Booster to lock one in.


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