A better look at the upcoming Hot Wheels Car Culture Mercedes-Benz 190E Cosworth Evo2 & Exotic 5-pack.

Overnight the Hot Wheels Design Team dropped this pic:

A post shared by HW Diecast Design Squad (@hotwheelsdreamteam) on Apr 7, 2017 at 12:04am PDT



There is so much to say about Evo2, and I am like many of you in saying it will be very hard to top this model.  Once again the veterans Mark Jones and Steve Vandervate are flexing their design muscles.  Car Culture has been a game changer for our hobby, and that is most clearly continuing.  And from what I hear it is only getting started.

Still more.  Lamley Reader Kazi Sarfraz Bin Khalid gave us a good pic of the fantastic new Exotics 5-pack.


10 Replies to “A better look at the upcoming Hot Wheels Car Culture Mercedes-Benz 190E Cosworth Evo2 & Exotic 5-pack.”

  1. I don't know what there is left to say about the Mercedes that hasn't been said already a thousand times. Its epic! Those wheels might be the best wheels ever fitted to any premium release in a long time.

    About the Exotic pack, its meh. Yeah sure the Porsche and Aston are sweet but the Pagani and Lambo are not. This is the 3rd time in a row the Huayra is used in the Exotic pack, and 2nd time for the Aventador J. The Huracan looks okay (those wheels actually suit at as they look like the Diamond cut wheels). I'll have to think twice before buying this pack. I'm tired of seeing repeated castings. Its like Hot Wheels doesn't have anything else to use, they're milking the crap out of just one or two models.

  2. That Benz is the nicest I've seen it done. Lights and grill detail makes this imo. Every cast should get this treatment. How much could it cost? I mean come on just look at it! Beautiful!

  3. First off that car in the middle looks ugly with those mags
    Why Hotwheels released them in the first place is beyond me?

    2nd of all
    Hotwheels needs to make newer cars
    Zonda Veyron Ssc Lykan Lfa More supercars

  4. The 5-pack seems to be catching a lot of hate…Yes, repeats can be considered missed opportunities, but honestly all 5 are castings I'm a big fan of, so I'll definitely pick it up.

    Those Benz rims are fabulous! They'd look right at home on any Porsche race car…really any European race car…but they're just perfect for the 190E

  5. This Mercedes is fantastic choice! What an icon of the 80's. I can't wait to add this to my collection. And the wheels are a perfect fit.

    Think I'll be skipping the Exotics 5-pack.

  6. The Mercedes 190E, without a doubt, will be highly sought after. I can see that is due to it's precise proportions that mirrors the real car, and the wheels just drive it home (pun intended).

    The Exotic 5 pack is also another 5 pack that many will flock to. The Pagani Huayra already see the 3rd consecutive release, and it gets a little bit tiring after seeing it 3 years in a row. Other castings are fine on their own, but the Trap 5 wheels on the Huracan makes it look like a cheap knock off casting.

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