The Hot Wheels ’67 Camaro goes proper throwback as a 2017 Super TH.

The battle vs unapproved ugly sneaks continues, and yes, Hot Wheels is winning.

The @hotwheelsdreamteam IG feed is the best weapon Mattel has to combat the unauthorized sneaks, and here is the latest evidence.

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That is a fantastic Super TH.  Like the DeLorean a few years ago, the 67 returns with an older livery, and gets the Super TH treatment.  And with those steelies.  Hot damn it looks good.  And how great is it to see this in its proper outfit than without wheels or the wrong wheels or in pieces?

So do yourself a favor and follow the @hotwheelsdreamteam account and make it your source for upcoming Hot Wheels stuff.  I will always pass on the most significant posts they make, and continue to feature stuff as I get them too.  Too legit to quit, right?

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  1. So beautiful this Camaro looks in his ancestor's decal scheme…

    I see a plastic base and a shut hood.
    I guess the golden times of this Camaro in the mainline are over…

  2. I'm sure it has everything to do with what generation I belong to, but the '67 Camaro does nothing for me. And maybe my opinion will change when (or rather if) I see this in person, but this deco seems lack-luster. Retro, yes, but lack-luster all the same. I'm just not sure why this casting gets so much love. No door cut-outs, cartoony stance…I know it's a mainstay for HW, but come on…it's not that great.

  3. What happened to metal bases on the Supers. So many variations of this casting over the years,nearly always with a metal base,yet when it comes to something supposedly 'special' it's an inferior plastic version. Sorry,but the magic has gone. Last one that felt special was the purple Ranchero

  4. I hate (and I don't like that word) but I do hate THs. They promote scalping, their no better than a premium line cast BUT this I would love to have. I have commented that there should be more veriety in all lines of HWs. However that dose mean that this cast dose not have it's place. It is a dam shame that most collectors will never get it without being raped for it. That is why I hate THs!

  5. Is it metal/metal with the opening hood like the recent Camaro 50th Anniversary series release?

    I know Hot Wheels almost never puts metal/metal cars in the mainlines anymore, even compared to just a couple of years ago when you still got a few, but I can see them making an exception for this classic casting.

  6. I completely agree
    I've seen some super amazing T HUNTs over the years
    But it drives humans insane
    Employees being hassled over a $3 toy car

    It's the main reason I gave up collecting

  7. I'm with you on the scalper comment…it's a shame. Unfortunately, there's just no avoiding it. So while I hate that aspect of collector culture (and am proud that I'm not part of the “scalper” group), it's still a thrill on the rare occasion when I do find one.

    Speaking of which…and I only bring this up because I have nowhere else to share the experience…the other day I found a Matchbox El Camino from the 1999 (!!!!!!) line at my local Walmart. 1999!! It's older than the store I found it in! Had a sticker bar-code placed over the original that made it ring up as just another matchbox. I guess you could say that was a treasure hunt moment for me, minus the actual treasure hunt 🙂

  8. “The best weapon Mattel has to combat the unauthorized sneaks”

    Really? The best?

    It could be one of the ways, but not the best. Case in point, it doesn't actually shows all of upcoming models, only one or two models at times. In the same amount of time, other sneaks appear everywhere on the net.

    Either Mattel stepping up their game by releasing more of the-so-called-official-sneaks (maybe 10 upcoming, in-the-production-line models) per day through that IG, or release the entire images of the models early in one go.

    Otherwise, sneaks still find it ways on the net, unauthorized before authorized.

  9. Boom Box last year, the $TH was metal body tool while the normal one was plastic bodied.

    As for the metal/metal $TH vs. their normal counterparts being metal/plastic, that only happened a couple times that I can think of: Toyota 2000GT and 72 Ranchero.

  10. Hahaha
    Nice find man
    I remember when Matchbox never did generics
    When light bars were removable

    (Not related to Thunts)
    But supers and t hunts in general have just made collecting a bore for me

    I used to have 300+ cars and I picked out what looked cool

    I've always loved plains coloured cars with lights and nice wheels

    Fondness for emergency cars as well
    But somehow even they have been turned to ridicule

  11. Can't wait to shrink down in my mind, slide my body through the driver's side window, crawl up under the dash and past the firewall to get a look at the engine. Then chew my way through the floorboard to get a look at the chassis…

  12. I forgot to mention that I will buy this one, too, because it is nostalgic…and I like the wheel/tire (whires?)combination. Cherry isn't deplorable, either!

  13. Trent absolutely right about light bars like to see them go back. Some casts are mainly police but I may want an unmarked version in my collection. Way easier to fill two little holes rather than fill half of roof.

  14. I think Mattel need to be aware of the situation
    Most collectors or people who playwith them want real models
    Generics have never been wanted or good
    Even as T hunts or supers they're hated

    But Mattel don't seem to care

    And yes most emergency cars us ed to be good

    Hotwheels did a charger with a light bar
    Hotwheels city works 2010 srt8 charger

  15. And the '67 Camaro is now officially a plastic chassis model with no opening hood.

    Granted, it's been pining for the fjords for a while but, with the last main holdout (other than maybe Meyers Manx and that's only because it's tiny) going half-plastic, metal/metal is officially dead in the Hot Wheels mainlines. Oh well, I guess I'm only buying premium cars from now on, ironically cheaper for me to collect that way (since I'm not buying dozens of mainlines every month or two anymore).

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