What will be the next precious pink RLC Party at this year’s Hot Wheels Nationals?

What is it with Hot Wheels and pink?

Well, for one it is history.  Pink started as the the most neglected spectraflame color back in the redline days of Hot Wheels.  The pink cars were the first pegwarmers.  So as time went on, there were less pink cars circulating, making them more and more desirable for collectors later.

That runt history of the pink cars was of course embraced my collectors and in turn Hot Wheels, and now pink Hot Wheels are truly significant.

And for the other thing, spectra flame pink cars just plain cool-looking.

So that combination of good looks and history make the spectraflame pink cars highly desirable.  Redlines of course, but new models too.  Candy Striper Gasser anyone?

And yes, the RLC Party cars.  Every year at Nationals in the spring, and the HW Convention in the fall, Hot Wheels holds an RLC party.  Only RLC members can attend, and there is an opening party (bring your RLC cars to DLM), some treats, and a drawing.  There are a lot more details to share, plus a fashion show (trust me on that one), and a “who can be the quietest” contest during the drawing.  Oh, and of course a party model.

The model is always pink.  It sometimes has Real Riders, other times Neo wheels.  And it is always a significant casting.  Maybe a nostalgic casting, maybe a current popular model.  Another great detail, they aren’t burdened with the convention logo, which can really take away from the looks of the model.  The four I have showcased here run the gamut.  Nostalgic, Real Riders, Neos, popular, pretty, pink.  And they are really fun models to collect.  And photograph like a boss.

And they always come in baggies.  That makes them totally worth opening.

So what will the RLC Party car be at Nationals?  We will know soon, and the rumbles I hear are that it will be a very popular one.  Another rumble I hear is that one of those “always” I mentioned above – RR or Neos, specraflame pink, popular casting, baggie – will change with this Nationals model.  Stay tuned.

So here are the four I have.  Looking forward to adding a fifth.

9 Replies to “What will be the next precious pink RLC Party at this year’s Hot Wheels Nationals?”

  1. Small correction. This years pink party car will be carded and there will be no opening party. As per Collector Events Unlimited.

  2. And technically, the car isn't tied to the RLC party anymore. It's just the “RLC Exclusive Nationals Car” or something like that. HWC Gary has been trying to correct the lingo for it on the HWC boards.

  3. I'm sure I'm in the minority here, but these pink RLCs do very little for me. One of the joys of collecting for me is finding realistic, faithful executions of road cars, and these just aren't that. The castings maybe, but done up this way, not a chance. The Neo wheels don't help either. And I know the pickup is very popular with collectors, but the ride height is just too over the top.

  4. Mattel just ruined the Pink party car. They are putting it on a card and not giving it at the RLC party on Friday anymore thus destroying a tradition. And on top of that they are going to increase the production in order to sale on the RLC. That is a slap in the face to everyone that takes the time and expense to go to the conventions, part of the allure of going is getting exclusive cars that are only available to those that attend

  5. These things look great, especially as a set. This blog prompted me to do a little shopping yesterday, picking up the RLC party TNT Bird and the Mad Maverick.

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