The 2017 Nissan GT-R Nismo and the rest of the July assortment from Tomica Limited Vintage is available to order from Japan Booster.

Time to head over to again.  The July Assortment Presale has begun.
To refresh your memory, Japan Booster has begun presales for upcoming TLV assortments, so collectors can ensure they have secured the models they want.  Certain TLV’s can be very popular, and will sell out quickly or have the price driven up pretty rapidly.  The Safety Hauler this month is a great example.
So now Japan Booster is allowing for preorders on models as soon as TLV announces the assortments.  And July is up.  And it is awesome.
The July batch features the debut of the 2017 Nissan GT-R in two colors.  (There is actually a third exclusive color that we will detail later.)  TLV has been on a GT-R kick the last few years, and this year will be all about the 2017 GT-R.  The standard 2017 GT-R will debut in May, and the 2017 Nismo in July.
And don’t sell the Cedric and Hino Bus in this set either.  But my guess is the GT-R will garner the most attention.  For good reason.

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  1. I am new to the TLV line having only the Galant VR4 in rally trim, but I thought the TLV was strictly a vintage car line. Is this a first for a “new/non vintage” car in the TLV line?

  2. They have the Limited Vintage for the older stuff and Limited Vintage Neo for newer stuff. Neo has been out for a while. Not sure when it started. I got my first Neo around end of 2013

  3. I just cannot fathom how there have been SO many GT-R releases, and why this should be the least bit interesting. I'm sure the fanatics can point out exactly what's different between each and every one, but all I wonder is “when will this stop”. Yes, Nissan makes little tweaks pretty much every model year, but seriously it's the same damn car.

  4. The Limited Vintage Series started in 2004 with the A and B colour variations of their first 3 cars: The Nissan Cedric, Prince Gloria and Toyopet Crown. They also did a Datsun Bluebird, Toyopet Corona, Prince Skyline and Toyota Publica that year along with a lot of additional color variations to the first 3.

    The Limited Vintage Neo Series started in 2006 With the A and B Colour varations of the Mazda Luce and Cosmo. They didn't do any other models that year.

  5. True…I guess that feels different because those are a little more classic. The modern GT-R just feels so sterile and cold. Devastatingly fast, yes, but there's something so robotic about it. I guess that's why I can't get behind it.

  6. They kind of remind me of the Kamata RC410 that was in Ridge Racer 7, but that's probably because someone photoshopped the front end of that onto a GT-R as well. The 2017 GT-R kind of looks as if someone stretched the front end of the previous model, it's kind of weird :S

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