Lamley Preview: The HWC King Kuda completes the Spoilers line.

Super duper awesome paint post, part 2.
If you remember a couple of weeks ago, I showcased the first two models of the Hot Wheels RLC Spoilers line, the TNT Bird and Light my Firebird.  I think it is pretty clear that a nostalgic HW casting sitting on Neo wheels isn’t going to get me too giddy.  But darn if the paint actually does.
The orange especially on the Light my Firebird is especially nice, but all are beautiful.  Paint woes have put the RLC at practically a standstill several times in the last couple of year, so seeing how well executed the Spoilers are is such good news.

Since that last post, the third model that went on sale, the Heavy Chevy, has arrived.  As has a preview model of the King Kuda.  More awesome paint.  Not only the color, but the mirrored base, and matte paint that compliments the mirrored paint.  These models are beautiful.  
And more beautiful out of the packaging.  To me, these need to be opened.  And that is what I did:
And of course, some photos are in order.  I like the pics.  But they can’t duplicate the paint.  These models aren’t cheap, but they are worth it.  The King Kuda goes on sale today at 9 am Pacific Time:

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  1. The King Kuda is a huge disappointment. The casting is over 15 years old, and very inaccurate compared to the original. This one, along with Light My Firebird, deserved to be re-done to resemble the originals. There is still hope for the Nitty Gritty Kitty Spoiler, should they decide to do this one over as well. Hopefully, Mattel will release the Evil Weevil and the Sugar Caddy in the Spoiler packaging. These castings were done properly, and deserve that beautiful blister pack more than the Kuda and the Firebird.

  2. I agree with Steven Cook,
    in every point he clarified.

    These particular tool-versions of
    the 'FIRE and the 'KUDA originally
    appeared in 1999. They premiered in
    the 30th Anniversary 4-pak, as fully
    re-tooled “Spoilers” … bearing their
    original cast names from '70 and '71.
    (the other 2 in-pak castings were the
    'CHEVY and the 'KITTY.) They impart a
    discreetly different design-theme from
    their vintage redline-era “cousins”.

    Well, the HEAVY CHEVY in this new RLC
    series is spot-on to the original, as
    is the TNT' … along with earlier RLC
    versions of the 'WEEVIL, BOSS', and the
    'CADDY. So who knows what's yet to come,
    if this new series (featuring the cool
    original-replica Spoilers card) includes
    the other 4 Spoilers cars. Specifically
    referring to the 'KITTY.

    Yes, the paint and detailing … even on
    the card, button, and packaging … really
    is spectacular. Another nice touch is the
    complimenting-color interiors. Awesome …
    (it would be interesting to see how they
    achieve that on the 'CADDY, if re-released).
    Also … The Lamley Group author is right.
    These babys are best enjoyed when freed
    from their blister-card “cocoon”.

  3. I think Hotwheels did a great job on all the Spoiler cars.A slight difference will keep the ones who do customs in check,so they want miss them up.

  4. I myself am a customizer.
    And I do mildly customize
    RLC castings … since they
    offer such an amazing finish
    over their Zamac metal. Also,
    yes, these 4 new Spoliers cars
    are real gems. I imagine most
    buyers will be glad to be able
    to acquire any (or all) of them.

    But … particularly in the case
    of replicant castings (maybe even
    more so with Neo Classic re-tools
    of early redline cars), RLC cars
    are geared toward true collectors.

    Any true collector will easily notice
    the obvious cast-design differences
    of the 30th Anniv 1999 versions.

    The NITTY GRITTY KITTY made in
    2009 for the Ninth Nationals HW
    Convention (in kandy yellow, with
    the number 9 on its doors) was in
    fact, also a casting re-tool from
    the 1999 Spoilers 4-car pak.

    Thus it might seem obvious that if
    Mattel releases any of the other 4
    Spoilers in this newest series, the
    'KITTY would be the later re-tool.

    At least the HEAVY CHEVY (again,
    one of those four 1999 re-tooled
    versions) in this new series, is
    as faithfully accurate as other
    RLC Spoilers castings previously
    released … …
    BOSS HOSS (several cast variations).

    Collectors I talk with definitely show
    a preference to accurate replicas. The
    popularity of Spoilers, and the quality
    of this series, could make this a quick

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