Sick of the Nissan GT-R? Hot Wheels’ 2017 GT-R might change your mind.

Jun just dropped this on his Instagram:

A post shared by Jun Imai (@kaidohouse) on Mar 14, 2017 at 1:00pm PDT


Master chef indeed.  I don’t think it is a secret that I am big fan of the work of HW Designer Ryu Asada, from his Matchbox days until now.  Many of my favorite castings from both brands have been done by Ryu.  Cool dude to boot.

So I was excited to learn that Ryu was taking on the 2017 Nissan GT-R.  The last Hot Wheels GT-R left a little to be desired, but this one looks fantastic.  And it helps to see it debut in eye-popping orange, with grayed out J5 wheels and front and rear tampos.  And check out that stance!  Stance is what hurt the last GT-R.  This one more than makes up for it.

A few of you have mentioned that our hobby is going through GT-R overkill.  That might be so, but this is most welcome as a $1 toy.  Right now, TLV can handle premium, Kyosho the racing versions, and now add this Hot Wheels release.  That is all I need.  You can get sick of the other GT-Rs.

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  1. Way better proportioned than the last GT-R! I don't like the J5 wheels (Y5s would've looked better) but its fine I guess. The orange looks sweet! Hope to see this one in stores very soon. I can't wait to see a comparison between this, the old GT-R and also GT-Rs from other brands.

  2. * Sigh *

    Ok, this looks pretty damn good. Sits nice and low, good color…could use better wheels, but nice overall. It's interesting that Hot Wheels decided to do another casting of a model that's still technically in the same generation as the last one. Not a bad thing in this case, this one looks better proportioned than the first. Final judgement will wait till I have one in hand.

  3. No. Mind not changed. Still sick of the gtr. But it's not ryus fault. He is amazing. I just think Nissan design is terrible. The whole floating roof thing is pretty stupid to me.

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