Lamley Unboxing: New Hot Wheels & Matchbox from Wheel Collectors

Yesterday the latest from both Mattel brands arrived from Wheel Collectors.  So I opened the package on Facebook Live.

Leave a comment here of what model you want to see first.


4 Replies to “Lamley Unboxing: New Hot Wheels & Matchbox from Wheel Collectors”

  1. Cool. I'm almost done with collecting since most cars never show up in stores since many stores restock 3 times a year. Even in Pennsylvania the Walmarts I checked never got zamacs and rarely any other Walmart-only cars.

  2. I don't find it to be quite as bad as you describe in my area, but I do really have to hit a whole lot of different kinds of stores as well as different locations of a given store to find even some of what I see online. It can definitely be discouraging to watch a YouTube video of some 12 year old with four copies of some sweet-ass car you'd die to find in store but never will. But then you come across some obscure gem in a non-chain pharmacy you didn't know existed until this afternoon…and the hobby sucks you right back in.

  3. What is the white wagon you move outof the way at the very beginning?

    On another note, I found the skyline and lotus the other day along with the Boone GMC. Great looking models and the flat colors are fantastic. The black lotus is the star in my eyes.

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