Get your play on. The Tomica Limited Vintage March Assortment is now available at Japan Booster.

Tomica Limited Vintage at Japan Booster

Alright folks, prepare for it.  In coming days, there is going to be an influx hums and vrooms and blurps and grumbles.  Car and machine noises the best a human mouth can make them.  The collectors are going to be playing with their toys.

The Tomica Limited Vintage Atlas Safety Loader is here.

The masses usually get crazy for TLV releases like the Datsun 510, Skyline GT-X, or Nissan GT-R.  But the anticipation for the Loader is something else.  It is just one of the coolest damn things TLV has done.  A fully working auto loader.  And the demand for it is off the charts.

The Loader is part of the TLV March Assortment, which is quite the batch, with two buses and three Mark II Twin Turbos.  It was just released, and Japan Booster has it:

Tomica Limited Vintage at Japan Booster

But as I said, the demand for the Loader is something different.  The Japan Booster presale sold out.  So did a slew of other stores.  So because of the limited number, Japan Booster has a few to list at a Buy It Now price, and others going up for auction to give everyone a fair shot at them.  So keep checking back at the link above to see when they are listed.

But don’t ignore the others.  Two more Isuzu ERGA buses have me smiling, as do the Mark II’s.  But you aren’t reading these sentences.  You are just making your vroom vroom sounds while looking at the pics of the Loader.

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