Daylight savings is lame. Here’s a bunch of random Hot Wheels Chevys.

I’m tired.  Early morning tired on Monday might be normal.  Add Daylight Savings and it is worse.

Never got this DST thing.  Having grown up in Arizona, where they just ignore DST altogether, I will never get it.

Anyway, I went to bed early last night.  No time to photograph all the killer Hot Wheels G Case models that Hot Wheels sent over.  That will happen tonight.  In the meantime, I did take a bunch of pics of some of the Chevys I have in the collection.  Not all.  Just some.  Oh, and a few Texas Drive ‘Em’s, cause you know, they’re awesome.

Enjoy, while I wake up and get to work.

7 Replies to “Daylight savings is lame. Here’s a bunch of random Hot Wheels Chevys.”

  1. Great collection of models, as usual. Thanks for sharing.

    As for Daylight Savings Time, I've got that problem licked.

    Ever since I started listening to Shortwave radio back in the 1990's I follow the UTC/GMT time clock schedules, and I have several clocks that use that pattern. This time never changes so by following this pattern, I never miss a minute of sleep, unless I'm up early in the morning or late at night. It's also fun to listen to the latest Chinese/North Korean/Iranian propoganda, or Brother Stair's way-out-there prophecies, or the latest far-right and far-left factions' agenda against each other and their never-ending fear of the Illumanati takeover, which each faction swear had something to do with M2 Machines' release of last year's Patriot Series.

  2. The Chevy Impala Panel Delivery is a casting I wish I had more of…the only one I have represents a rare instance of the Pop Culture line striking my fancy. It's the white & black one with the Norman Rockwell Saturday Evening Post livery.

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