Congrats JNC on the killer cool HW Wagon.

If you haven’t visited Japanese Nostalgic Car in the last few hours you most definitely should.  They unveiled the livery on the latest release of the Datsun 510 Wagon, and I dig it.  I really dig it.

I will let them speak for their giddiness over this JNC themed model, but let me say I absolutely love this release.  A great color, and most importantly, a nice era appropriate deco.  Simple simple simple. Honestly, this might be the best look for the Wagon since its initial release in Boulevard.  I will hold out hope for some wood paneling some day, but this one is hard to top.

Anyways, congrats friends on the cool car, and if you ever need the tires replaced, be sure call Lamley’s Leaks.

(Read the full feature over at JNC)

(Photo credit: Japanese Nostalgic Car)

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  1. It would be cool if they released this with a simple surf board hanging out the back window! Or if they wanted to switch it up, put a rack on top with board on it. I am sure some customizers will be doing that on their own. Very nice variation!👍😉

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