Case Report: Opening a 2017 Hot Wheels H Case.

2017 Hot Wheels H Case at Wheel Collectors
As I mentioned yesterday in the Matchbox Case Report, we have been a bit of a post holiday lull when it comes to the Mattel products.  Stores have been a bit dry, but all that is about to change.  G Cases and the Fast & Furious assortment are on their way, as is Matchbox E.  And Hot Wheels H Cases just hit hobby dealers, including Wheel Collectors:
There are some nice models in this case, particularly the Ford GT Race Car.  But you can decide for yourself.  Here is a Hot Wheels H Case, picked randomly off the WC pallet, and pulled 3-by-3.

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  1. I hadn't seen the ccm country club muscle before. Is that new? It looks like an olds toranado. I need a closer look at that one. I'm really looking forward to the Ford gt. Saw the real lemans car in the flesh at Barrett Jackson. Man that car oozes sex appeal.

  2. Nice recolors for the Datsun 620 and 240Z, and a fabulous Ford GT Race 2016. I'm still expecting for the Porsche 934.5 to hit our pegs in Bulgaria. Hope it happens soon..

  3. That Datsun 620 looks sharp as hell…maybe one of the best-looking releases of it so far.

    I'm starting to get the nagging feeling I should've picked up the white Fugu Z when I saw it in a 9-pack…I'm starting to think I might not get my hands on it packaged as a single…Orange one looks good too. I'm assuming it has the same tampo detail?

  4. This is a great case! The (highly modified) Toronado is back! I only have it in its gold First Edition color. Good to see it back and see if it the original casting or a retool.
    A '32 Ford recolor is always good!

  5. The custom Datsun 240Z is a cool car to be sure. I love the original white release and also thought I'd have to buy a 9-pack to secure one. Just as I began feeling all hope was lost, I dug a couple up out of a dump bin. I'm not sure how I feel about the orange. My initial reaction is not too interested. We'll see if that changes when I see it in person.

    I'm lovin' this Datsun 620. Great deco!

  6. Wow, this case is looking a bit light on “gotta have it” models. Lots and lots of generics and many of the hot licensed models are just 1-per case. What's up with that?

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