Case Report: Opening a 2017 Matchbox E Case.

Matchbox E Assortment at Wheel Collectors
I think this has been the longest lull of the year.  And this is the time of year that things are a little slower.  Post-holidays is always a time to ramp back up, and I think all the ramping is done.  Onward and upward the rest of the year.
So expect a rush of product from Mattel.  And we will start with this Matchbox E Case, which just arrived at Wheel Collectors:
Here is the 24-count case, pulled 3-by-3.  With Matchbox cases being 24-count only, the main question is which models go multiple?  In this case, the brand new Tuk Tuk does, as does the new Sonora Shredder.  After that, the Ford F-550 and Plow Master.  Tuk Tuk, I agree.  I think it will be a popular model.  But with the popular Skyline getting its second color in this case, and with two interiors to boot, my feeling is we should have seen at least two.  Maybe in the next case.

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  1. All the attention directed toward the Tuk Tuk and the Skyline is well deserved for sure, but can we talk about that Evora?? Holy. Mother. Of. God.

    If I could only have one from this case, it'd be that one.

  2. Today was a first — I actually found this batch on the pegs before Lamley posted the case report. Never happened before. No GMC Stepside, but everything else was there. What's notable to me are the matte finishes on the Nissan and Evora. Maybe it's because we don't see that type of finish very much, but those paint jobs really stand out and look fantastic. Well done, MB design team.

  3. This case seems to be pretty good. I can't wait to find this case in Australia. I am still looking for the GMC, but the Lotus and Nissan are the only cars I really care about in this case.

  4. Oh my gawd, that Lotus looks epic! But going by the card art, it should've had black wheels instead. That would look even badass! The Evora is one of my favourite Matchbox castings and its great to see it back. Looking forward to the showcase.

  5. Found a sealed case today at Big W. It's the first time I've found one, and was surprised at how small it is! Anyway, I grabbed the Skyline and found another on the pegs – one of each variation. The Skyline has been VERY hard to find due to only one per case. Meanwhile the F-550, Plow Master and Sonora Shredder are hanging in abundance. The Skyline and Lotus should have been two per case.

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