UK Collectors, Modelmatic now has 2017 Matchbox Best of World in stock.

Just a quick heads up that UK-based diecast seller Modelmatic has 2017 Matchbox Best of World in stock.

If you need a reminder, this is the 6-car set released late last year, and some of the models are sporting Hot Wheels Real Riders.  The Lamborghini Miura is the must-have, but there really is no slouch in the bunch.

Grab them at Modelmatic here, and be sure to check out the huge variety of diecast available in the store.

9 Replies to “UK Collectors, Modelmatic now has 2017 Matchbox Best of World in stock.”

  1. Ok, stupid question, but I think I might be behind on information…

    Have these already been released in the U.S. and I completely missed them, or are they yet to be released here? Gonna be disappointed if it's the former…

  2. If they were released already then I guess only 1 store in all of the continental US got them. I go to a lot of stores weekly, Wal-Mart, target, ToysRUs, various grocery stores and have not seen any of these since they were announced. Welcome to the world of Frustrating Matchbox Distribution.

  3. I haven't been able to spot them yet probably because it TAKES SO LONG to stock them … i'm basically referring to the MD area.
    I noticed some Walmart stores are better than others which means some SUCK!
    TRU stores can be fairly good at stocking premium HW's and there are a lot left over from the last Best of MBX line.
    I'm still waiting and hope we see the Best of World line soon. Seems like it takes quite a few months.
    If it's not the store manager who lack motivation it's a distribution problem. Come on get your act together people!

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