One & Done. What happened to the Hot Wheels ’70 Nova?

Man, that is a good-looking model.

The Nova has gotten its fair share of love from Hot Wheels over the years.  The ’68 Nova casting shows up from time to time, as does the ’66.  We have seen the Nova Wagon have its day in the sun as a Super and TRU exclusive as well.  And right now, the Nova of choice is the Super Nova Gasser, which will show up soon as an RLC Rewards car, as well as the 2017 Selections model.

But what about the ’70?

This is the second model from Modern Classics I have asked about over the last couple of months.  The first was the Plymouth Roadrunner, but at least we saw that in Vintage Racing.  The ’70 Nova debuted in two colors in Modern Classics and then vanished.  Nary a peep.

And its a shame.  That model is awesome.  When Jun Imai designed the Modern Classics, he brought a new look with him.  Lowered, meaner looking, and more current takes on classic cars.  The ’83 Silverado is the most well-known of those models to come from Modern Classics, and this Nova might be the least.  Too bad too.  The casting hits all the right notes, and my guess is it would be a hit in the basic and some premium lines.

The Modern Classics Nova came in two colors.  This chrome version and a blue/orange.  This chrome is the must-have for me, and I hold out hope for another at some point.

We will have to see.

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6 Replies to “One & Done. What happened to the Hot Wheels ’70 Nova?”

  1. Really nice cast but I'm ok with it disappearing for a while. Unfortunately it's a shame other models don't go away. I have been screaming verity for what seems months now. There is more junk on the pegs then ever before with HWs. Pegs for me are a pain in the well you know anyway. Put a bunch of crap on them and I really feel like going through them. I understand it's a childs toy but really are they flying off the pegs? The aisle is dead unless there is a collector there. While I'm ranting let me ask if anyone has noticed at Targets they moved the MBX to another aisle? I thought it was BS at first but space is smaller stuff don't fall all over the place and I can get what I want and go.

  2. The Hot Wheels field is littered with Nova / Chevelle castings, but honestly I'd gladly trade one of the ones that shows up all the time for this one, it's definitely one of the best.

    That said, it might just be the pics, but the track looks kind of narrow on this…

  3. Yeah, something's wrong with the proportions. Roof's too high and the windshield's too upright. The big ol cowl induction scoop isn't doing it any favors either.

  4. I compared this '70 to the '68 over and over and over.. I agree a bunch that the '68 is has more realistic proportions.
    But somehow the '70's shape accentuates the style of a 3rd gen Nova – the stubby-ness has a sort of HW's character to it, but I see how the '68 looks more true to life.
    I like them both and it would be net to see the '70 again!

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