Check your Walmarts. The 2017 Hot Wheels Fast & Furious Assortment is hitting.

Just a heads up to start checking your local Walmarts.  The exclusive assortment for Walmart stores in March is the new Fast & Furious assortment, and they are ready to drop.  We previewed it awhile ago, and it is loaded, especially with the white Supra, blue Porsche, and black S2K.

Get out there and find them!  Oh, and leave a few for the next person.  This should be a popular set.

And in case you are wondering, it appears these are not part of the Walmart Toyota promotion.  The Asst. number is not listed.


13 Replies to “Check your Walmarts. The 2017 Hot Wheels Fast & Furious Assortment is hitting.”

  1. Is it possible to be a car nut and not a fan of the Fast and Furious franchise? You can count me in that group. There are however a few cars here that are must haves on their own merits. For me, the GT3 RS, the Supra and WRX STI. The Supra and STI, for their clean liveries (a rarity it would seem over the years). Perhaps the Skyline as well. Although there have been many releases of that model through the years, many being clean and uncluttered. The Escort is too similar to an earlier release for me to purchase another. Not being a FF fan, the S2000 is easy pass with this movie-specific deco.

  2. The Supra is awesome, and the one I want most. Unfortunately I'm expecting to see bins full of all models EXCEPT the Supra. Dumb f***ing scalpers will probably clean all those out right away.

    If I could come away with one each of the Supra, the 911 and the S2K I'll be a happy camper.

  3. Count me in on this as well. I tapped out of the franchise after the first movie. From this set only the 911 and maybe the Subaru will come home. I thought about the Supra since it is a clean model, but I like the Matchbox casting better. So I doubt I will grab it.

  4. It's now the 21st and I haven't seen any of these at any of the Wal-Mart's in Albuquerque. Does anyone know when they'll hit the stores or how to do d out??

  5. I'll make a set if I can. Not a big fan, but, a set kind of tells a story for me. Just don't care for the thug connotations that go along with this franchise.

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