Cool Car Update: The long and fruitful run of the Hot Wheels Honda S2K continues.

Hot Wheels Honda S2K on ebay

It just keeps coming.  Every year, another Hot Wheels Honda S2K.  And it shows up in all kinds of places.  Basic range for sure.  But a couple of times in gift packs.  It was once a Super TH.  It has been in a premium range.  It has even been a Convention Exclusive.  It has even been both a Walmart exclusive (window banner) and a Kmart exclusive.  This year alone we have a gift pack and Fast & Furious release.

And that is the nuts and bolts of its releases.  It has sported several drift liveries, gone stock yellow twice, and been what I consider one of the best Super TH releases ever.  Oh, and one of these is one of my favorite Hot Wheels ever.  Yeah, that is #lamleyhype(rbole) at its best, but it is true.  One of these releases I think is one of the best looking Hot Wheels ever.  More on that in a minute.

With the Fast & Furious version in black hitting Walmart this week, and the multipack teal version showing up as well, it seems a good time to do a full update on Ryu Asada’s S2K.  Because, like I mentioned, there have been a lot of them.

The Honda S2000 has followed a similar trajectory as the Datsun 510.  Pegwarmer at the beginning, not appearing for awhile, and then slowly picking up steam as collector’s interest went in that direction.  Now it is a big deal whenever one is released.

Like the 510, the initial releases of the S2K hung on the pegs.  Too bad, because that First Edition in its three colors is gorgeous.  Signature yellow to start, then grey with gold wheels (hint hint), followed by red.  No release since has surpassed those three, at least in my mind.

(Hot Wheels Honda S2K on ebay)

It has been mentioned before, but this model is as closely linked to Designer Ryu Asada as any.  Dude is a Honda nut, and owns a yellow S2K himself.  Ryu designed it while still working across the hall at Matchbox (his name is on the windshield banner on the First Edition), and still is one of his faves since he started designing for Hot Wheels.  It was no wonder the S2K was the Dinner car at last year’s HW Convention honoring his work.  Honda for Life!

And that little model that could continues.  With the two releases this year, here is every release of Ryu’s baby:

That is 15 total.  Of course there are variations as well.

Like the Walmart window banner release:

And the 10-spoke multipack in copper/orange:

The one big one not pictured?  The 5-spoke Super, found only in Europe.  I had it at one time, but my fear of keeping rare carded variations got the best of me.  Instead of worrying about the blister cracking or falling off the card, I sold it to someone who wanted it more.  DLM for life.

Speaking of the Super, I mentioned it is one of the best Hot Wheels has done.  I don’t think it is arguable point.  Like the casting or not, check out the upgrades outside of the spectraflame paint and Real Riders.  Hood and roof deco, headlights, AND a VUM base compared to the grey plastic of the standard release.  Its a beauty.

Ok, what else?  The Convention Exclusive from last year is a souped up version of the First Edition in yellow, based on Ryu’s own S2K.  It’s a beauty, although I will say the Convention Logo could have just stayed on the card (grrrrrrrrr):

Next, some related models:

First Edition recolors:



Basic & Kmart

Fast & Furious


And here is that multipack exclusive, in stores now:

And lastly, that favorite of mine I mentioned earlier.  It is the second color of the First Edition.  It is so DAMN CLEAN.  Gray with gold rims.  Front and rear tampo.  It’s perfect.  I am not lying when I say it is one of my favorite individual Hot Wheels releases ever.

Had enough?  One more pic of a great Hot Wheels model.  Keep ’em coming.

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  1. The New Models are indeed great, but that Cool Classics one is my favorite. Though that F&F Johnny Tran one is pretty amazing too. Villain car #3 for the line.

  2. I've only ever found two supers on the pegs: the maroon AE86, and the blue S2K. I'm very proud to have found the Honda, because it was the one I wanted to find the most that year. I have the Wal-Mart-bannered regular sitting next to it. Beautiful pair.

  3. I'm not a JDM cheerleader at all, but I am very happy to have all but one of these releases (well two if you count the convention one, but I don't. It'd be a must-have if it weren't for the logo) I'm only missing the Treasure Hunt, though I'd love to have it. As a general rule, I only acquire Supers I find on the pegs, and I just never found that one.

    John, you are 100% right, the gray release w/ gold wheels is an instant classic, and it remains one of my favorites. Every time I come across it when perusing my collection, I'm struck by its simplicity and “rightness”. Nice to see these all get the photo treatment.

  4. The S2000 will always be a special model to me because it was one of the first JDM Hot Wheels that I bought. I've always been a JDM guy but there wasn't much JDM related in my HW collection and the S2K is probably one of the first. I also think that the S2000 was a cool car even before all the JDM hype in HW that came after 2013. My favorites are the First Editions but the ones I've wanted to find the most are the AEM, Evasive and Tein. I regret not picking them up when they were available (thinking I don't need multiple versions of one car). Hopefully I'll find them one day.

  5. The Honda S2000 is a great model indeed! I'm not typically a fan of gold wheels on silver/gray, but somehow it looks right here. I can proudly say I own the majority of these mainline releases. While the first release yellow looks great, I think my favorite would have to be the clean red model. I'm also a fan of the satin blue AEM model.

  6. The S2000 may be the only Super I've ever found in the wild (that I know about). At the time, I knew there was something a bit different about it. It was heavier, “chromier” and had different wheels/tires, but I was not well versed in what a Super was, so I left it behind, having already bought the similar satin blue mainline model. Oh, if only I could turn back time!

  7. Take the '65 GTO. There's several releases. Opening hood or not. Clean decot or tampos. Metal base, plastic base. What's wrong with having one of each of those releases?

  8. Also, “hoarding” and “completest” are two separate things. “Completest” mentality has nothing to do with you not finding something.

  9. like i said guys like me who just want one car cant find any because the “completist” take them all.doomus “completist” and “hoarding” are the same thing in terms of the reason i cant find cars

  10. How the S2000 didn't make in appearance in the Track Day Car Culture series drives me insane. The Ghia could has easily been replaced with this obvious contender!

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