The trispoke Matchbox Miata has been found! Only it is the 2017 version.

Ah, the trispoke Miata.  The model that never was.

If you remember, last year Matchbox debuted the new Miata casting on their Instagram feed:


All looked good, and the collectors were happy.  Except for those wheels.  The consensus was that the red model would look better with lower profile wheels, and in a very cool move, the Matchbox Team went back and changed the wheels to the more modern 5-spokes.


It was a cool deal to see that happen for sure.  The team made the request and the running change was made.  From what the team had heard, some trispoke Miatas had already been produced, so it was thought that there would be an early run of the initial version out first before the 5-spoke versions appeared.

Except they never showed.  The first releases sported the new 5-spoke, and that was that.  The Team then thought it might show in gift packs, but that never occurred either.  The trispoke Miata was never to be.

Well, the Matchbox Team is giving the Miata another run on the trispokes.  This time the 2017 release will have them, and keep them.  As far as I know, no running change.  The Team sent over this Miata to preview, and trispokes it is.

Best choice?  Not for me.  I much prefer the lower profile wheels.  But this release is a little different anyway.  Gunmetal seems to be a logical color choice, and the full details in the front and rear are there.  This one has an additional hood and trunk design as well.  So with the stylized deco, maybe a more stylized wheel.

Not my first choice, but then again, over the life of the casting I am sure we will see all kinds of colors, decos, and wheels, so that is fine.  Crazy to think this model has already sported three different wheels when you count the Gathering model from last year.

So there it is.  The Trispoke Miata.  Just not as you expected it.

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  1. I don't mind the wheels. The silver colour is nice too although I would have preferred a real Mazda colour, like metallic pale blue (Blue Reflex Mica). But the tampo stripes on the bonnet & boot (hood & trunk)? Yuck! That'll be the first thing to go in custom versions. Keep it clean!

  2. It would be nice to be able to find ANY version of this casting. I never found this ANYWHERE on the pegs, and I'm a pretty consistent visitor of all the stores that typically stay up to date. Just another example of Matchbox's DISMAL case-packing. Not enough examples of what collectors want, hence someone who really wants just one of them (me) doesn't get one. So I'm not sure I'll be seeing this gray version either. Thanks Mattel.

  3. Seems like Europe where i live because I hardly see many good MBX's, especially since I never saw the Miata last year. I have seen the Mercedes McLaren and the green Ford Gt40 but that's about it.
    Maybe i'll get the Miata in the Spring, so i'll hold my breath.

  4. The red one was common at Dollar Tree. I like the tri spokes better: fat tires and small wheels look SO much better than low profile stuff. Even the 5 spokes are better than Hot Wheels' basic wheels.

  5. Is “trispoke” Matchbox's name for this wheel or the commonly accepted name among the collecting community? It seems to me to be a bit of a misnomer. The wheel itself resembles a 5-hole steelie. I believe the 3 silver dots represent a “knock off” hub nut.

  6. I'll have to check them out…honestly I don't typically look in dollar stores because they're so hit-or-miss, but you're not the first one to suggest them so I'll have to take a look. Thanks for the tip.

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