From the New York Toy Fair, Part 3: Maisto

Our good friend Tim Pagano continues his reports from last month’s Toy Fair with what was going on at the Maisto booth.

When we visited the Maisto/Burago booth at Toy Fair this year, we were not able to interview anyone regarding this year’s offerings, however, we were allowed to take pictures.  Here is what we saw:

Maisto appears to be continuing with lineups that have been successful for them in previous years.  Many of the lineups we saw this year were featured last year.
What appears to be their basic 1:64 scale line, the Fresh Metal line was on display:

The Ferrari line under the Burago brand was featured last year, and appears to be continuing into this year at the 1:64 scale and higher:

In addition to their long running lineup of Harley Davidson Motorcycles, Maisto is continuing with diecast vehicles with the Harley Davidson branding at scales 1:64 and higher:

One lineup we did not remember from last year is the Forces lineup which features military vehicles:

However, Tow and Go, a vehicle/trailor combination, was on display last year, and was also on display for this year:

The Design Series appears to be their premium 1:64 scale line, and like last year, several examples were on display:

Here is an example of a 1:32 scale casting that they had on display:

The Toy Fair car this year for Maisto/Burago was a Lamborghini Huracan branded under the May Cheong mother company.  The inscription on the back of the box reads, “2017 marks the 50th anniversary for the May Cheong Group, owners of the brands Maisto and Burago.  To help celebrate this occasion, we are pleased to offer this limited edition 1:43 Lamborghini Huracan, which incorporates a special anniversary livery designed exclusively by Lamborghini Centro Stile.”  Here are a couple views of this commemorative vehicle:

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  1. Maisto's basic 1/64 line is just embarrassing. The only worse brand I've seen is the generic store-brand plastic crap you see in Walmart and Toys R Us. As for the rest of the line, it's either too cartoony or too cheap-looking. The only model pictured above that catches my interest in the least is the 918 Spyder, but I've seen it in person and it's just too big.
    The Tow and Go line is an exceptionally weak attempt to cash in on Greenlight's success with Hitch n Tow

  2. Fresh Metal is the $.99 stuff for your kids. The Maisto Design is the good stuff. Maisto has been doing the flatbed/towtruck stuff for almost 10 years now…so, not copying anything form GL.

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