Toy Fair Report: 2017 Spielwarenmesse Nuremberg (Nuremberg Toy Fair)

There might be a theme these last few days.  Toy Fair reports.

I am very appreciative that many of you are willing to send pics and other details over from various Toy Fairs.  The big New York Toy Fair happened last month, and I will continue to post Tim Pagano’s reports on various manufacturers throughout the week.

But before New York was the massive Nuremberg Toy Fair in Germany.  It is enormous, and many of the diecast companies are there showing off.  Lamley Reader Emilien Le Borge was there and took some pics, which he was kind enough to share.

I have them posted below, separated by manufacturer, so you can see a little of what is coming, even from some of the companies I don’t cover here.

Many, many thanks to Emilien for sharing.  Be sure to follow his Facebook Page, Mininches, for all of the pics from the show.

(Click on the pics for a larger view)







11 Replies to “Toy Fair Report: 2017 Spielwarenmesse Nuremberg (Nuremberg Toy Fair)”

  1. A lot of nice looking models. Too bad some of the brands are not available to the US.
    John do you know if the diorama display for RMZ is also for sale or just props?

  2. Lots of good stuff to look for. I will have to keep an eye out for the Spark Porsches. They are nice and a 956/962 to boot.

    The Norev “City” line looks like they may be outsourcing these to Pioneer or some other lesser brand with those wheels.


  3. The brand is RMZ Unifortune. The sets were on ebay over the past year. The only place I have seen the cars are at online dealers and some specialty shops that sell cars in the open box. RMZ cars are pretty good for the value. Most have full detailing and realistic wheels.

  4. Siku's current quality is very disappointing. The 90s cars were so much better, in proportion and finish. I was excited to find them locally and ended up just buying a Linde forklift and a big American style RV. Something like the Passat wagon was hideously rendered. Nothing at all like the crisp cars of my youth.

    The Norev look brilliant, in comparison.

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