Auto World unveils its next batch, heavy on yachts, and yes, that Gulf Ford GT.

Auto World dropped these pics over the weekend:

This is what I believe is 2017 Series 2, Versions A & B, due around May.  And the batch is loaded!

For one, my favorite AW casting is back, the ’69 Chevy Kingswood Estate Wagon, once again beautifully adorned with wood paneling, and in two fantastic colors.  I am also stoked to see the Cadillac Eldorado and Chevy Chevelle return as well, the Chevelle with a new hood.  Mustang fans should be happy too, especially with the new 2017 Mustang.

But my guess is the two Ford GT40’s will garner the most attention, and well they should.  GT40 and Gulf colors go hand-in-hand, but the white release is no slouch either.  The wheels appear to be new (I could be wrong) and the detail fantastic.

These are set to hit Walmart and Target stores, and I have yet to hear if the production numbers will be as limited as the last couple of releases.  But keep your eyes out for them as well at your favorite hobby store.  There are going to be some hobby exclusives, including a “non-numbered” Gulf GT40.

Between this and what we are seeing from TLV, we premium 1/64 collectors are going to have our hands full.

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  1. More examples of the Kingswood are always welcome…one of my favorite castings period. As Bryan mentioned, that silver Mustang is killer. It's too bad AutoWorld doesn't do detailed headlights though…on classic cars it's fine, but on modern cars, a dollop of silver paint doesn't really cut it.

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