The Diecast Hall of Fame (yeah, it’s a thing) is changing, and it is pretty cool.

Ever heard of the Diecast Hall of Fame?  I know a few of you have.  And I would guess many of you haven’t.

So let’s talk about it.  More specifically, what it was.  And what it is becoming.

The DHoF started in 2009, as a way to recognize folks in both the diecast and auto community who have helped promote the hobby.  Think of folks from Larry Wood (Hot Wheels Designer) to Bruce Pascal (well-known collector) to Jay Leno (guy with lots of cars and a big chin).

And along with the other 170 inductees, they most certainly have helped enhance the hobby.

But – and I am moving into my whisper voice, so come closer – there is something missing in that approach.  It is important to recognize those who have contributed, but diecast collectors don’t collect contributors.  THEY COLLECT MODELS!!!  Oops, sorry, didn’t mean to yell.  Back to whisper voice.

It is great that these people are recognized, and they should be, but all that does seem a little…uh…old school.  Instead, how cool would it be to have a Diecast Hall of Fame that showcased the models that caught the collectors attention?  Think of the debates?  The merits of the ’67 Camaro vs. the Datsun 510 Wagon.  A Hot Wheels collector arguing why a Hot Wheels is more significant than a Johnny Lightning.  A 1/18 collector brushing off the 1/64 collector for his childsplay collection.  Oh, so much fun!!

I just think the Diecast Hall of Fame is more interesting to us collectors if the models got more play along with the people behind them.

And that is exactly what is happening.  The Diecast Hall of Fame is under new ownership, and there is a plan to bring in Model of the Year categories, along with an area to recognize the very important, and rapidly growing, customizing side of the hobby.

And collectors will be involved.

All of this is coming together now, so be sure to bookmark the DHoF website to get updates, and prepare to participate.

To me, going model-centric is far more significant to collectors these days, and I like the direction.  Start thinking of what model/tool you would induct.

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