What is the best Hot Wheels model of 2017 so far?

So we are pretty much halfway through the 2017 Hot Wheels year.  6 months are so to go and the 50th birthday party begins.

2017 has been a good lead-in to be sure.  Car Culture is running strong, the mainline has yielded some gems, there is even a mail-in that sold out Kmart’s stock of Hot Wheels.  And there has been a lot of good models scattered throughout.

So out of all of these releases, new or existing castings, which is your favorite?  Could it be the Fairlady and its new wheels?  Or the Mail-in 510 that has everyone in a ruckus?  Or maybe it’s the…oh, who are we kidding.  It’s the Fiat.  The Fiat is the best model of 2017 so far.

Disagree?  Let me know which is your favorite.

Some other highlights.

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  1. Not got the Fiat yet so can't comment on it…the FuguZ is probably my favourite new casting so far- think they really nailed the 240Z shape, and love the mirrors and rear detail…also the Urban Outlaw 934 Turbo RSR, a great casting already, improved by a sharp deco…

  2. Fiat. Hands down. It's just one those really unexpected models that makes you say wow! I didn't think they would do that. Also, everything about the execution is perfect. Proportions. Deco. Scale. Wheels. It's just that good! I wanted to like the fugu z more. There's just something I don't like in how wide the rear track is. The fairlady is cool but have not found one yet.

  3. Mainlines (as that's pretty much all we can get here) would be the Kafer Racer – but I'm biased to all things VW! Haven't had the T2 pickup or any of the Air Cooled series so I can't comment – yet.

  4. I have all of these except the VW Flatbed and white Supra. My fav has to be a right race with the FIAT and the FugaZ. Both are executed amazingly! Tell them to send me the VW Flatbed asap…LOL!

  5. Seriously, most of the cars shown have never made it to the Chicago market. Target keeps bringing out new B cases. Walmart hasn't had anything since C bins in December, well except for the Camaro bins and a repeat of Batman from last year. Seriously. The only new cars have shown up in 9 packs. I heard new stuff got sent to TRU, never saw anything but the same sad old crap there. So really, will we finish the 2017 assortments sometime in 2018 or will they ship some stuff?

  6. Too bad half of those vehicles have not actually made it to a Target or a Walmart. Unless they were in a 9 pack. seriously, they won't be done early they will be done never at the rate they are releasing stuff.

  7. When it comes to the mainline here in North Jersey, we have only got to the C case. I can't complain though, my Walmart put out 2 C cases in 2 days and I got 2 Dragon Blasters. We have had several cases of Air Cooled and Vintage American Muscle and I am glad about that.

  8. I've had some of these so long I'd forgotten about them. I don't know why the UK got them so early, but I don't hate that trend.

    My favourite is one I'm unlikely to see, since the only premiums my Asda stocks are the infernal superhero lines. The Fiat from the Air Cooled range. They could've just created it and be done with it, but having the open engine lid was inspired. Turned it from neat to essential.

  9. SAME!!! Those decals are just hella ugly and I cannot bear having those in my collection (although I do have a soft spot for real riders since I barely have any). Anyway, I feel that both car culture Fiats should be together. They are both equally as cool.

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