Majorette dedicates an entire 5-pack to one casting. Might as well be the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT.

So I wonder how a Hot Wheels or Matchbox 5-pack loaded with the exact same model would fly.  Maybe it depends on the model.  It would be a risk to be sure.  And it won’t happen.

Themes obviously happen.  Sometimes the models share a similar livery.  Sometimes they come from the same carmaker.  But never the same casting.

But Majorette did it.  With a very cool casting to boot.  I don’t know my Majorette history, so I don’t know if this is something they have done before.  But they did with the Mercedes AMG GT.  And I like it.

Since I don’t live in a Majorette market, I have no idea how well this set will sell.  Maybe some of you in Europe and elsewhere can give us an idea.  But I am curious.  It seems they have done it right, meaning even though the pack contains the same model, there are very different executions.  Two road versions, a police car, a race car, and test car.  Granted, two of the models have already been released, and one – the police car – is part of a playset, but it is nice to have them together.

And cool packaging to boot.  Still couldn’t keep me from opening it:

The set is an instant collection.  Of a model that I think is one of the best Majorette has done the last couple of years.  Still, the wheels.  Other than that, a great set to have.

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  1. I can come up with two same-car lines off the top of my head that can work: an all-Ferrari FXX K line (5 cars based on actual customer cars, like #69, #15, #81, #44 and #47) and Aston Martin V8 Vantage GTE (2016 GTE champion, Gulf, Hanergy, the 2015 art car that looks like TV standby bars, and Interush).

  2. This is a great mini-collection…excellent casting, and a good variety of decos. I'll be a broken record again and complain about the wheels though…seriously, how hard would it be to design a couple better wheel designs??

  3. I personally LOVE the idea of 5 of the same casting in a 5-pack. If Matchbox did this every once in a while I'd be thrilled…just off the top of my head, imagine these models each having their own 5-pack:

    – '57 GMC Stepside
    – Austin Mini Van (each with the name of a quaint store or shop on them)
    – Defender 110 (already a prolific model, but I just can't get enough of them!)
    – Ford GT / GT40
    – Lamborghini Miura

    I could go on and on and on

  4. The matte black GT would've looked a lot better if it had black wheels. But overall very nice set! Probably won't be able to find one in my country but let's just hope I do.

  5. I assume your reasoning is the big panel gaps that usually result from opening doors on a 1/64 model? I can't think of any other reason. These actually look like they have excellent gaps though, so what's the issue?

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