Lamley Showcase: 2017 Majorette Vision Gran Turismo 5-car set & singles.

It’s gonna be a good year for Majorette.  Or better, it is going to be a good year for those that collect Majorette.  But I have said that before.  We can just call it is theme.  Majorette is doing some awesome stuff.

They recently sent over some of the new product for 2017, and it really is cool.  Majorette takes an approach that is different than Matchbox and Hot Wheels, and it makes for a nice change from what collectors of the Mattel brands are used to.  Majorette goes all in.

One example is when a new tool is made, you will quickly see it in a few colors and decos, and those will be repeated in other sets.  It doesn’t take 2-3 years to accumulate a few versions.  Another example is this new Gran Turismo set.  Instead of doing one model, they did five new tools.  The models are released as singles and in a set, with some exclusives in each.

And with Majorette mostly focused on contemporary cars, these Gran Turismo Vision Concepts are a very nice fit.  These models are based on the concepts car manufacturers made for the Gran Turismo video game.  The Nissan Vision 2020 is the most well-known – Hot Wheels and Tomica Limited Vintage have done replicas – but there are four others as well.  Majorette did them all.

They sent over both the singles and the set, and I opened them on the YouTube Channel (which you should watch first to see the packaging and model names):

And photographed them below.

The question always comes after a Majorette post: Are they coming to the US?  The answer is they are working on it.  In the meantime, we can be envious of our overseas friends, and maybe set up some trade situations.  The models are well worth it.







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  1. I don't collect Majorette (for obvious distribution reasons) but I'd go out of my way to get a Chaparral 2X if they made one. After Hot Wheels made the Forza and Gran Turismo batches I was really hoping they might pick up the Chaparral too. No luck yet.

  2. I'm more impressed with these than I originally was when you posted on these a few days ago. I must say, though, I'm still mighty pleased with the new Hot Wheels Nissan Vision.

    I still think the Mercedes-Benz is the pick of this bunch.

  3. Of course these are all concepts, but if production was possible, you can bet the Mitsubishi would never see the light of day, given its current situation. If the new Eclipse CUV is any indication, passenger cars will soon be a thing of the past (better get your Mirage, iMEV, or Lancer while you still can).

  4. In regards to Mitsubishi, passenger cars are fading from the company's portfolio rather quickly. Cars such as the Lancer, diamante and Galant are either gone or going away with no replacement in sight; the Eclipse, formerly a popular sports coupe, is now being brought back as a crossover; the iMEV reportedly won't be replaced at the end of its life cycle; and its domestic market KEI-cars are expected to be phased out, thanks to last year's fuel economy scandal. Now that Renault-Nissan is in charge, CEO Carlos Ghosn plans to convert Mitsubishi into an exclusive truck/SUV/crossover brand.

    At this point, the only passenger car Mitsu will offer is the Mirage, the cheap, tinny car from Thailand that everyone mocks, yet is selling like hotcakes throughout Southeast Asia, Australia and Africa, and is the only thing that's keeping the lights on in US dealer showrooms, because the rest of Mitsu's crossover lineup certainly isn't doing anything besides gathering dust.

  5. Honestly, you guys made Majorette look way too good. I’ve seen these models in person, and Majorette certainly is NOT coming back, the brand is really trashy.

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