Hello Again! Matchbox brings back the Volkswagen Golf GTI.

It is nice to see an old friend.  Among the preview models the Matchbox Team sent over was this flat gray VW Golf GTI.  It seemed it has been awhile since we had seen it, and sure enough, 7 years.  7 years!

The VW Golf seems like it should be a Matchbox mainstay.  Sure, we say that about a lot of models, but the granddaddy of the hot hatch should always have a place.  And even if we are a couple generations past this version, it is still nice to see on the pegs.

So a most welcome return, especially for a Golden Age favorite.  Since it has been awhile, and because this is a model that I have enjoyed collecting, let’s do a Cool Car Update.  Below are all releases of the Golf, sans anything with cartoon characters on it (I know there has been at least one).

Collecting all of this casting isn’t easy.  There have been several mainline releases, which are pretty easy to find.  The Superfast (my favorite version) and Stars of Cars releases are more expensive, but available.  It is the multipack versions what are toughest.  Blue and especially the dull gray version, pictured below:

Still, whether you have all, or one, it is a great model to pursue.  Thankfully you will be able to get the latest version in Batch H, due soon.

The latest plus the greatest:

13 Replies to “Hello Again! Matchbox brings back the Volkswagen Golf GTI.”

  1. Damn! Its been so long I'd even forgotten this exists. Definitely happy to have this back. The rear seems a bit squashed but we can gloss over that. Also not the best wheel choice. I love the paint though!

  2. the black mainline release was by far the best one IMO, still, glad to have this beautiful casting back! they should do more common cars like they did back then, a Mazda 3 would be sweet! i mean, they did the previous gen Mazda 2 and it didn't look even remotely as good as the new one

  3. Sadly, the red one is the only one I have. I think this was back around when I started collecting in earnest, so I missed the others. Hopefully I'll be able to double my number of GTIs by picking up this new one. VERY strange wheel choice on this…I think the 5-spoke sport is the best (mainline) wheel for this car.

    Good to see it back in the lineup.

  4. Not interested, again just the same old casting.
    Majorette has released Golf V and several versions of Golf VII GTI, so why can't Matchbox do a new model? Oh, right, the cost of the new casting and the eternal $1 price point..

  5. Very happy to see this one again. I had the orange version but threw it away when my wife's vw kept breaking. I've regretted that. Please Mattel, bring back my favorite casting of all time, the 1999 Ford focus zx3. I love me some 3 door hatchbacks!

  6. Yeah, not my favorite wheel. The 10-spoke is may favorite on these, but the 6-spoke and flared 5-spoke look more like VW original equipment. Man how I hate 3-spoke wheels! However, looking more closely at the picture I am happy to see that these are indeed 5-spoke or perhaps more accurately 5-hole wheels. Thank goodness!

  7. Wow, so many releases! And sadly, I don't believe I have a one. The silver one with 10-spokes shown in the head to head is my favorite followed by the yellow-gold model. While I do like the “battleship” gray of the upcoming release, I'm not a fan of the chosen wheels or the gray base. Good to see it getting another run.

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