From the 2017 New York Toy Fair, Part 2: Greenlight

Our reports from last week’s New York Toy Fair continue.  This time Tim’s report from Greenlight.  Quite a bit of news here.

Thanks Tim!

There is an abundance of news to report from Greenlight resulting from our visit to their booth at Toy Fair.

First let’s start with the 1:64 scale, and their existing lineup.  You can expect releases to continue in 2017 for the following lines:

• GL Hollywood
• Black Bandit
• GL Muscle
• Hitch and Tow
• Hollywood Hitch and Tow
• Blue Collar
• V-Dub
• All Terrain
• HD Trucks
• Hot Pursuit

Here are a few pictures showing recent releases or releases that are due out soon:

Running on Empty is a new series for 2017 with the Petroleum/Gas Station themed castings:

Hitched Homes is another new series to debut this year.  We are talking serious campers/camping trailers:

For truck fans, a new super duty truck line will be released separate from the HD Trucks line.  It will be called SD Trucks.  These large 1:64 scale trucks will include a dump truck, tanker truck and stake truck in the first release.

Many collectors will be excited about the upcoming Tokyo Torque line.  I was told to expect Nissans and Datsuns.  Here is the preliminary card art:

new release called Mechanic’s Corner will consist of a 1:64 scale garage and gas station.  See the poster and examples that were on display below:

Greenlight is going to phase out the Motor World line.  However, it is going to be reborn as the Hobby Shop line.  For this new line, they are going to use some of the castings from the Motor World line.  However, the new Hobby Shop series will include metal chassis and clamshell packaging.  Here are a couple of examples:

Mecum Auctions, Barrett Jackson and holiday releases are also scheduled for later this year.
In the larger scales, Greenlight will continue with the 1:24 scale Hollywood line.  New castings to expect this year are:

• Starsky and Hutch 1976 Gran Torino
• Field of Dreams Volkswagen
• Bullit Mustang
• Supernatural Impala
A 1:24 scale camper line will also be released.  See the poster below.

From the 1:18 scale lineup, a new line of gas pumps at the 1:18 scale will be introduced:

We were informed the Greenlight has acquired the Highway 61 brand and will be producing 1:18 scale castings for this lineup.  Here are some pictures of 1:18 scale cars that were on display from Greenlight’s other 1:18 scale lines:

Greenlight’s Toy Fair car for this year is a 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS.  A picture is provided below:

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  1. John, thank you for your on going toy fair report. This gives us the info we need on what to expect. The first thing that excites me is the Mechanics corner series as I'v always wanted a 1/64 diorama but not enough time to make one myself and those available are pricey. Hope the price is decent on this. As for the Hitched Homes that is a nice concept as well but we need GL to have single released vehicles to have hitch on them so we can mix and match or else we will only have campers without a car to pull them. I like the packaging on 'The Hobby Shop' but may use up a bit more on my storage space. Now are these Hobby exclusive? Hoping to find the running on empty soon as distribution is a hit and miss. A major request I have for GL is improving their quality control as I've run across 1/64 and now even 1/43 with bent wheels and that really discourages me from getting more.

  2. Oh wow…this is really exciting. I'm totally pumped for continued excellence in the Hitch 'n Tow lineup, and I'm incredibly excited to see the upcoming expansion in the camper trailer lineup. The vintage gas station decos on the “Running on Empty” series are also great

    I recently picked up the Ford F-150 with the pop-up camper trailer, and it's a beauty. You can display it “closed” or “open” and it looks great either way.

    Do we know anything about the Airstream-style RVs shown on the top shelf in the image that depicts the dioramas? Those look awesome

  3. You won't. The photos in that posted are likely only there for filler. I will bet they are going to use their existing casting and add a couple more similar cab options. Remember they need to get a lot of use of the casting. A Dakar truck will not go well with their target audience and variations themes. In fact I would be very surprised if you see any of those exact models shown.

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