Lamley Unboxing: Opening a 2017 Hot Wheels Kmart Exclusive F Case

I have a feeling we will see more JDM mail-in promotions from Kmart.

Obviously the point of Kmart Collector Days is to sell cars and promote the store.  Boy has Kmart sold some cars.  It took a day for the online cases to sell out, and collectors are gobbling up peg warmers at Kmarts all over the place, just to get the mail-in Datsun 510.  It is crazy.

And Kmart has to be loving it.

The frenzy for the Datsun is probably the best indicator of where Hot Wheels collecting has gone.  It seems the days of Drag Dairys, Convoy Customs, and other massive Hot Wheels collector castings are coming to a close, at least for now.  Nostalgic Hot Wheels castings don’t have the pull either.  It is the era of JDM, Porsche, BMW, Trans Am, Gassers, and other cool cars.  You know the castings, and Kmart surely wants to see more of those become the mail-in exclusives.  Because that goofy little Datsun is selling a lot of cars.

Hopefully everyone that wants a Datsun will get it.  I wonder if Mattel is prepared for the onslaught of card backs that is coming.  This might be interesting to watch to say the least, and I wonder if we are ready for 510 Wagon, Hakosuka, and ’55 Gasser mail-ins.  They are bound to come.

Anyway, I opened the Kmart case I ordered last weekend.  Datsun aside, there are some cool models in here.  Enjoy the vid.

3 Replies to “Lamley Unboxing: Opening a 2017 Hot Wheels Kmart Exclusive F Case”

  1. Sure is too little too late, by the next Kmart Days, all the Texas stores will be gone and I wonder if they will hold onto any stores by this time next year with the announced closings of Sears and Kmart stores across the US. It would be very cool for ANOTHER retailer to pick up where Kmart started, but only time will tell.

  2. Seen 4 that I would want but is it worth getting up early on my day off? Never going to buy enough for the mail in. Veriety just not there for me best are the 55 Chevy and the 56 Ford. Really well done the both of them. The Lambo is nice but not interested in the tooned one.

  3. Kmart–you mean they still have those? Every one of them in a two hour radious of me (at one point, I had two nearby, one a little over a half hour away, the other 10 minutes away) has either closed or is in the process of closing.

    And the Kmart nearest me (the other one was quite neat) was always a dump, and tended to attract some questionable people.

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