The Hot Wheels Porsche 934.5 mimics its 1:1 counterpart in looks and creation…

Isn’t this plethora of Porsche something?

I can’t complain.  I won’t complain.  It’s awesome.  I am sure there are a few of you who feel you have had your fill, but considering the sheer number of Porsches that Hot Wheels can do, let’s keep it coming.  Strike while the iron is hot.

You can’t call Porsche the flavor of the month, because it is well, Porsche.  But we are on a Porsche run right now in the collector world.  I bet if we look at the last 10 assortments Hot Wheels has released, there is a Porsche in most of them.  Not to mention the Car Culture assortments, with a new Porsche casting coming soon.

So the 934.5 hitting with the 2017 G Cases is not a surprise.  But it still kind of is.  The 934.5?  The Porsche with the odd name.  The Porsche that counts maybe ten in existence?  The Porsche that could not commit to being a 935 but also couldn’t claim 934?  This model being done is a surprise.  And I love it.

Who wouldn’t?  It is SOOOOO 70’s Porsche.  Big wide over-the-top this-and-thats that has helped create a scene today.  The 934.5 is the legendary 934, but only with more.  Petrolicious, in documenting its history, constantly refers it to the odd-duck.

In making the 934.5, Porsche started with the 934.  And you know what is cool?  So did Hot Wheels. Jun Imai gets credit for the 934.5, with an assist to Ryu Asada, because well, Ryu designed the bulk of the body.

The 934.5 casting is exactly the 934.  Jun started with Ryu’s 934 tool, and added a new chin, the wide wings, and that massive spoiler.  Done.  Just like Porsche in the 70’s.  Heritage baby.

That makes me like it even a little more.  It isn’t a surprise, and makes sense, it is just super cool that it was done that exact way.

And kudos for its debut in white.  My guess is this casting has a busy future ahead of it – Car Culture appearance would be mandatory – so seeing it debut cleanly is a bonus.  I imagine racing liveries here on out.  Plus, Jun hinted at why it went plain white in its debut:


So welcome 934.5.  I am putting you right next to my 934 collection>

A photo posted by Lamley Group (@thelamleygroup) on Feb 5, 2017 at 9:44pm PST


So with that it seems a small “Cool Car Update” on the 934 is in order as well.  Enjoy…

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  1. This will complete my 70's Justice League Dark lineup, as I already have the black Greenwood 'Vette recolor (Superman) and black 3.0 CSL Bimmer racer (Batman). Amazing job by Asada and Imai; a true contender for Best Licensed Mainline this year.

  2. Looks great…love how it's (accurately) based on the 934! Question: is the 964 casting from car culture based on the 934 also, they seem to share glazing and interior…?

  3. Oh my…this looks very tasty indeed. There's no denying that when Mattel goes all out on a realistic casting, and then gives it an oh-so-realistic SIMPLE deco, it's a beautiful thing. I can't wait to get my grubby mitts on this and free if from its cardboard and plastic prison.

  4. I've got an incomplete 3-pack with the red Castrol Escort and the white CSL currently awaiting a 70s racer in blue to tie it in. If they bring this out in a blue racing livery then that would be epic.

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