The incredible Hot Wheels Bone Shaker collection (and room) of Nate Yerton…

If you could only collect one Hot Wheels casting, what would it be?

Think for at least a second.  You might immediately think of your favorite casting, but if it is one that isn’t released that often, collecting might be a bit boring.  Obviously it would need to be a casting you like, and hopefully one that gets released on a regular basis.

Alright maybe that is too much thought for a never-gonna-happen hypothetical, but if you could only collect one, you might want to go the route of Nate Yerton.

Nate collects a lot of Hot Wheels, but has a particular fondness for the Bone Shaker, Larry Wood’s iconic design unleashed just over 10 years ago.  The Bone Shaker has been a colletor – and Mattel – fave since it was released, and we have seen it in just about every Hot Wheels product line there is.

Enter Nate.  Nate not only collects everything Bone Shaker-related there is, but he dedicated an entire room to it.  I learned of Nate’s efforts to remodel a room dedicated to the Shaker a few years ago, and reached out to him.  I have always found it interesting to learn about how people collect, and I was fascinated by Nate’s collection, even on a model I don’t collect.  I have two Bone Shakers, the First Edition Faster Than Ever and Super TH in pink from a few years ago, and after that I know nothing.  I can leave it to Nate.

Nate finished his room recently, and was nice enough to send over some pics.  Be sure to click on the pics for larger versions because there is a TON to look at.  Not only the models, but a plethora of other Bone Shaker related products.  A few other castings as well.

Ok you’ve made it this far.  Overwhelmed?  Impressed?  Confused?  There is so much stuff.  And Nate can identify it all.  I asked for his favorites.

Here are my special ones.

  • Holiday Shaker is a Code 3 (Custom).  It was RAOK’D  to me from another Bone Shaker collector friend.
  • Metal Art.  Custom made for me from the wife.  We donated a copy to the auction in “LA 2016” Sold for 600.
  • Grey Trio Paint samples, acquired from another collector friend, he was changing directions in his hobby and wanted these to go to a great home.
  • Sema Green with its XXXHTF Wheel variation ….on the list because its just so hard to find that not many ave seen it or even know that it exists
  • 2013 Stylus Guide.  Employee issued, Mattel Commissioned.  Reason for being on my favorites list: This “USB” Shaker was my first sighting and how I fell in love with collecting the Bone Shaker.

Amazing, eh?  Thanks Nate for sharing…

12 Replies to “The incredible Hot Wheels Bone Shaker collection (and room) of Nate Yerton…”

  1. This is a real nice moderen casting. For me though there is no better casts than the early casts of Hot Wheels. As nice as the Bone Shaker is, the 32 Woody is the one I would grab up. I have three only two are original and the third will probably be tore down and re-done. Two have Real Riders, the paint is nice but wish I could of got closer to original but they look awesome in rubber!

  2. My collection is being uploaded to my Instagram profile @phillywheels no BS offroad stuff. Many rebuilds and customs. Plus loose and mint in blisters. Going back 30yrs easy.

  3. I’m really lucky to be a member of a forum that Nate admins/contributes to. His background knowledge of the model is nothing short of astonishing. If you are a Boneshaker novice and need information, even down to variations on the model’s bases

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