The Hot Wheels Drag Strip Demons ’65 Dodge Coronet is not a Gasser. But it is just as cool…

What is with the Gasser hype?  All of a sudden Instagram is full of Hot Wheels Gassers, and prices are surging on eBay.  Literally in the last couple of months, certain versions of the HW Mercury Comet Cyclone Gasser have gone from $5 models to a $50 models.  Crazy to be sure.  At least I can’t be blamed for this one.

But who cares why it is happening.  I just love that it is.  Gassers are cool, even for those who maybe aren’t necessarily into the whole drag scene.  It might speak more to diecast collecting’s ability to bring all kinds of car cultures together.  You don’t have to just be into JDM or Muscle when the cars you can buy start at $1.

But there are correlations.  The j-tin scene isn’t really about stock Nissan Cedrics.  For some sure, but for many it is about the modified versions of said classic cars.  You just have to attend JCCS to see what the majority of cars look like.  And look at the RWB Porsches?  Thems are WIIIIIIIDE!  It could be argued that the modified Porsches were influenced by the over-the-top stylings of 70’s racers, just as today’s bosozoku style came from the Super Silhouettes.  Take a stock car, and make it crazy.

Isn’t that essentially what a Gasser is?  Sure, there is A LOT more that goes into why folks love a good Gasser, but the links are definitely there.

But why am I talking about Gassers?  This post isn’t about Gassers.  But these modified dragsters have opened the door for current collectors to many other American racers, particularly other drag racers.

And that has led to a renewed interest in the Drag Strip Demons.

From around 2008 to 2011, Hot Wheels went high end on vintage racers.  The Drag Strip Demons, Vintage Racing, and HW Racing lines featured premium Real Riders in mostly real licensed liveries.  And some classics to be sure.  The most popular model to come from that line, at least today, is John Morton’s BRE Datsun 510, but there are quite a few others.

These lines featured some existing tools, but many brand new, and highly accurate new castings.  The Drag Strip Demons in particular had a whole lot of new castings, from funny cars to A/FX.  Sadly, none of these lines did particularly well retail-wise, and all were cancelled after a year or two.  The Drag Strip Demons in particular were notorious pegwarmers.

That is changing.  We know what has happened to the two Vintage Racing lines.  The 510 is highly sought-after, as are models like the E30 BMW, Greenwood Corvette, and AMC Javelin.  And now the Drag Strip Demons are catching up.

The Gasser craze has bled into the DSD.  The Nova casting, seen only twice in the line and never again, has been on collector’s radars.  And so has the ’65 Dodge Coronet.  It is a crazy looking car.  A short wheel base, long trunk, and reverse rake.  Like a Gasser, right?


The Coronet is an A/FX car.  FX means Factory Experimental (A is engine size), which means these crazy looking racers came from the factory.  And yes they raced on the Drag Strip.

Hot Wheels was particularly accurate on this model, in both casting and deco.  Search “a/fx Coronet” on Google and you will see the real cars these models replicate.  And you can’t help but smile.  These cars are super cool.

Maybe it takes some buzz from others to appreciate a model, but I am happy the Gasser hype is happening.  One way or the other, I am glad these cars are getting noticed, and I am enjoying pursuing some cool cars I passed on earlier.  Don’t get angry.  Go out and get them if you want them.  I am.

And I have a soft spot for the Coronet.  Enough that I dedicated a while Lamley YouTube video to it.

And after opening them of course I needed to take pics.  Now get me to the nearest drag strip…

(Find the Hot Wheels Drag Strip Demons on eBay…)

16 Replies to “The Hot Wheels Drag Strip Demons ’65 Dodge Coronet is not a Gasser. But it is just as cool…”

  1. I think the A, B, and C classes of /FAX had to do with weight of car per cubic inch not necessarily the engine size but in truth it does pretty much work out that way.
    There were A/FX cars that did not have altered wheel bases.
    Gassers were only allowed to move the engine back 10%. I wish HW would have done a Gas Ronda Fastback Mustang.

  2. Kyle?!? Lol, please.

    Gassers have been around for decades, and they have always been popular, even I ndiecast form. Collectors just stepping into the realm aren't influencing anything, and seeing as I know Kyle and see him and many other IG collectors frequently, we are all lemmings. There was a guy Lambert filmed opening the SuperNova mid to late last year, and the prices were already jumping back then

  3. This sub-genre of racers holds next to zero interest for me personally, but dammit if the quality of these models isn't sky-high. That spectraflame green one is devastatingly stunning. Now, if it had headlight and taillights tampos, I might be tempted to hunt one down. Of course the price would ultimately scare me away, but still…

  4. These are reproduced castings that really just piss me off! Don't get me wrong it's what I like great cast but come on how many of one model do I need? Really just overkill for me. Mattel seems to think consumers and collectors want a bunch of the same car. Maybe because of the guys that collect these chase collections. Never was for me, it's about the cars and I don't need a bunch of repeats. In fact Hot Wheels is saving me money these days. When they were doing the First Edition most of the line were licensed models and I had to have the whole line. Then they went crazy with BS and ruined it. These days I grab what I want and no more. There are some re colors I'll grab but for the most part I'm not even looking in the blue section. Since we're talking about overkill. I love the new Benz in the MBX line but they are setting it up to be a peg warmer. To many STOP with the overkill already! VERIETY! For god sake mass production dose not equal great sales……

  5. I said I liked drag cars my point is there is no VERIETY! There are tons of models that would make great gassers, drag cars and funny cars. I want drag cars and jdm and whatever but how about easing up on repeats. Just thought I'd mention it in my response maybe somebody important is reading. Oh wait that was the old Lamely site I guess…..

  6. John I still enjoy the site. I always felt the site was a major force in changing Matchbox for the better. Am I wrong was it just a coincidence? I mean that is why I make some of the comments I do. If it's falling on deaf ears I'll stop wasting my time. I truly mean neat disrespect.

  7. Great article. I enjoy looking back at some of the stuff from years past-makes for a good balance with the many previews of upcoming items. Believe it or not many of my Drag Strip Demons were found at Clearance Outlets for a 1.99 back then.

  8. If there are important people from HW reading these comments then I don't think they care about the collector much. We're getting overloaded with recolors. And some of them are just getting hideous. For example….the VW Golf MK4 with the colored wheels and 'crash' decal. The Amazoom with multi colored body panels…….ugh

  9. Just to be that guy, but modern Boso doesn't simply take its styling from Super Silhouette, that style is Grachan. Boso has unfortunately become a catch-all term, when Shakotan, Grachan and Kyusha deserve to be recognised as their own thing. I personally find true Boso style to be as tasteless as Itasha.

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