Lamley Preview: 2017 Hot Wheels Fast & Furious Assortment…

2017 is surely going to be a Fast & Furious year.
The 8th movie is coming out soon, and Mattel will roll out a slew of F&F products now that it is the primary licensor.  Other brands, like Jada, will be doing the same.  Get ready for the onslaught.
Many of you have seen the larger scale F&F products from Mattel in stores, and have wondered if that will impact the F&F products that Hot Wheels has rolled out the last few years.  It won’t.  There will still be plenty of F&F-related models in the basic and premium ranges, and as far as I know the special Walmart-only assortments will continues as well.
And the next assortment is coming.  In March.  The folks at Hot Wheels were kind enough to send a set over for a preview, and honestly, it’s a great set.  The last few have been a little repeat-heavy, but there is a lot of new stuff in this set, including a white Supra that is bound to be a major hit.
Enjoy the video.  Part 2 and a full photo showcase are coming soon…

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  1. “The folks at Hot Wheels were kind enough to send a set over for a preview” bull shit! I want to see some proof you got them from Mattel for preview and not just some factory work send you them. I know for a fact they send some sort of letter stating they are for preview and you're not allowed to sell or trade them till given permission by them to do so.

    Till proven otherwise I will stick by my statement of them being stolen and you are covering it up with lies!

  2. You damned son of a gun. I cued you in the Super TH pallet post, the kind that could have made you a star, and you did not show up. Dick move, though I guess I shouldn't be expecting more from an inebriated Sith Lord.

  3. When people stop buying them. So, not in the near future.

    Like it or not, the F&F franchise has become something of a cultural icon. I don't know what the hell you're complaining about though, they're ALL licensed, and good castings to boot.

  4. This is a better assortment than the last couple, lots of new stuff. Unfortunately I'm not feeling optimistic about finding a couple of these, given some collectors' penchant for grabbing everything they can find.

    The Porsche is an interesting choice…the casting is quite old. I'm just glad to see the spoiler appears to still be plastic. When I saw the pic I was afraid they had switched to metal.

  5. this assortment looks much better. I would like to see hotwheels make a r33 gtr casting and unveil it as the yellow one from the first movie.

    I like the road runner thanks for the update.

  6. Supra and 911 definitely my favorite cars in the bunch. The execution on the Supra especially is top notch! The Porsche casting will be 20 years old soon but its still going good. I hope they make the spoiler metal because the plastic doesn't look right and sits at an awkward angle. Rest of the models are great too. S2K, Subaru and Escort look sweet. Repeat of Skylines means another chance for me to try and get it.

  7. honestly i dont think lamley deserves all the hate. People are just tired of HW and MBX generics, lack of availability, no interiors, etc and Lamley just happens to be a convenient punching bag. If HW and MBX actually listened and responded, I think Lamley wouldnt get so much hate especially from Drunk Vader lol

  8. Oh princess I don't hate him per say I just wish he'd be honest with his readers and not think they are dumb asses. Look how long it took him to admit the cases he unboxed where sent to him for free granted it was YouTube that was cracking down on the rule of having full disclosure of any product given to a YouTuber as a gift or for review purposes.

    If he can't provide proper documentation of these set being given to him by Mattel and not some factory worker hook up he is violating the terms of service on YouTube and his alleged contracts with Matchbox/Mattel and other brands he might be working with.

    It's not like he's not lied before and gotten in trouble he had to stop posting the factory leaked photos cause Matchbox would have stopped supporting him and back to the candy stripper gasser claiming it was a sample but had the production number sticker on the back and not “sample” sticker.

    He's a lier and a crook who supports the dirty sellers as long as he gets what he wants for free.

  9. I have to back Vader here unless proven otherwise. I've been coming to this site long before this guy has been doing the blog and if Vader is correct he's destroying the integrity of the blog! Now to boot posts are being screened before being posted WHY?

  10. Found these at Walmart today. Very nice set. Way better than last time.

    I didn't previously have (the extremely similar version of) this Skyline so nabbing it was a major bag of awesomeness.

    Best of the set is indeed the luscious Supra. Must see it in person out of the card (and hold it) to fully appreciate its magnificence.

    All the cars are well-rendered gems.

    Thank you Hot Wheels, Dom….and Brian…

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