The Auto Art Bugatti Veyron Dubai Police Car is upper echelon diecast…

Auto Art Dubai Police Bugatti Veyron on eBay

We get caught up in what chases are out, what is rare, what is new, what is coming, who has what, who has how many, and what we all think about it.

Those are all parts of the hobby, but for me the purest part is that near-perfect diecast replica that speaks to why you collect.  It doesn’t matter how rare it is, how many you have, or who has more.  All that matters is that it is a joy to have in the collection.

That is 1000% the case with the Auto Art Bugatti Veyron.  And not any Bugatti (they have done three stock colors), but the Dubai Police model.  A straight up 1:64 replica of a unique car done just about perfectly.  Photograph it in the right setting and it looks like the real thing.  And the real thing is a flipping Bugatti Police Car!

I didn’t know about this one until I came across it on eBay.  I was aware of the three colors of the 1:64 Auto Art Veyron, and in fact I owned all three at one point.  It was a foolish purge for space that removed them, and I still regret it.  But even then, as nice as they were, they didn’t speak to me like some other diecast models do.  But this Dubai police?  It was a must.  It is just far more interesting, and so beautiful.

I also can’t fully explain my thing for police diecast.  I have always found them interesting.  TLV has done some unique police models, as has Greenlight, and Racing Champions just announced a few.  I am just a sucker for them.

I inquired about the Veyron with the eBay seller, and learned that this was done by Auto Art for the Dubai market.  We have seen these done by Majorette as well.  That was all I needed and I ordered a couple.

And now that I have it, there is not an ounce of regret.  The model is beautiful.  Auto Art is known for their large scale models – 1:18 specifically – and as far as I know there aren’t better made replicas out there.  Their foray into 1:64 was regrettably short, and it has been a few years, but it did produce some cool models.  Go to eBay or the Auto Art website (you can buy them there too) and you can see some of them.

Tomica Limited Vintage is for me the best 1:64 out there, but Auto Art is up there, and if they continued making them I am sure I would have quite a few.  For now, I am thrilled to have this police car, and I even went back to eBay to buy one stock Veyron to keep it company.

This is why I collect…

(Find the Auto Art Dubai Police Bugatti Veyron on eBay)

12 Replies to “The Auto Art Bugatti Veyron Dubai Police Car is upper echelon diecast…”

  1. Despite Vader's jealous rants, some of us really know this is worth it and even me without a blog, were able to make a best offer. AutoArts are among the best 1/64 models out there. AA was one of the first high end small scale models I got, a mint green 911. I love them and have quite a few.

  2. I'm on your side man
    Site this this promote scalping and basically advertise for free Shit

    When I collected cars I played with them and made cities etc
    Not let them gather dust and be stared at like my grandmother

  3. Unfortunately, my financial situation makes this kind of thing an indulgence I can't partake in, so I'll settle for the pics for now. As Jeff said, though, AutoArt truly makes some of the best diecast you can find at any (except the truly stratospheric) price.

  4. I sincerely hope you guys are both …I don't know…working as staff at an Antarctic science outpost and you just don't have anything better to do because it's so cold outside. If not, you're both really kind of sad. I genuinely feel for you.

  5. This is my 13th Dubai Police car and I thank you for making it aware to me that it existed. It is a nice piece though not as nice as the Aston Martin One-77 from Sonido.

  6. I don't know why I bother replying other than for the benefit of others who might be on the fence and see this thinking the price is a ripoff. That's how much these models cost. That's how much shipping costs. There's not much markup in that. Go to Autoarts website and the regular versions are $20. $27 for a version that had a much smaller production run is a good price. And shipping is DHL from Dubai. I got mine in three days. Yes $47 shipped is expensive for 1/64 but you get what you pay for in model quality and fast international shipping. No one ripping anyone off here, so please get off it.

  7. Hot wheels can never beat autoart on this one. I had all the hws Veyrons and after getting the 3 autoart veyrons I sold all my hw veyrons. Autoart hit a home run with this casting.

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