Matchbox threw us a little surprise with the 2017 mainline release of the Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6×6…

Before we jump into the mainline release of the 6×6 (which the Matchbox team have provided for a preview), let’s acknowledge something kind of cool.  This isn’t the first time we have seen the 6×6.  In fact, its release shouldn’t be a surprise for anyone.  The model was announced officially at the Gathering last July, but previewed by Matchbox on Instagram even before that.  And we have seen its development since then.

It has been cool to see both Matchbox and Hot Wheels embrace Instagram as a place to interact with fans and collectors, and give us all little morsels of information.  Gerry Cody and the Matchbox Team broke down some barriers to get the IG ball rolling, and Hot Wheels has followed.  It is awesome to see.  (In fact, Gerry has taken that same approach with his new position at Hot Wheels, so you’d better follow his new account @hotwheelssounofficial.  It’ll be a blast.  Abe Lugo has @matchboxworld running smoothly.)

Anyway, the 6×6.  A much-anticipated model to be sure, and the first new casting to be released since Mattel and Mercedes renewed their licensing agreement.  We saw the 6×6 as a Toy Fair model, which technically was not available to the public, and now the mainline release.

If you have been following, you know there is a difference between the Toy Fair and mainline releases of the 6×6.  Matchbox developed two versions.  One with an interior, and one without.

The interior version was done for premium releases like the Toy Fair and maybe future Best of releases, while the no-interior version was done for basic releases.  The unfortunate reality is that basic has to stay within a certain budget to remain at the price point that major retailers require, so things like this happen.  The 6×6 obviously needs a third axle, so in keeping with the 4-part rule the window was eliminated.  So on basic releases the windows will always look tinted, but the model, in my view, still looks fantastic.

All that said, Matchbox still threw us a little surprise.  From the side you see a cool pinstripe and the V8 and Matchbox logos.  Looks good.

But look at the front.

And the rear.

Yep, the 6×6 got the 4-tampo pass treatment.  The team got a little creative on the budget, and added a little more to the 6×6.  I don’t know if that means taking a little away from another model like a generic, but I hear we will see a few models with extra tampo passes this year.  This was done for us collectors, and it is pretty damn cool.

The 6×6 is just one badass replica of a badass vehicle.  It is a brilliant choice for Matchbox, and I can’t wait to keep adding to the 6×6 collection.

This 4-pass mainline is a great start.  Look for it mid-2017…

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  1. Holy shit!! They nailed it. There's no other word. I can forgive the lack of interior when the exterior looks this good. The color, the details, the cool little touches here and there. Best 2017 new model so far. In fact, dare I say this looks better than the Toy Fair version? Cannot wait to add this to my collection.

  2. I was just thinking the same thing about the above comment. This basic version actually looks a lot better than the Toy Fair model! When you said there's more 4-pass mainlines coming, they better be the nice licensed castings! Most of the generics don't deserve the 4-pass!

  3. Very nice. I look forward to failing to find it on the pegs.

    But in all seriousness, if ever there was a model that can get away with solid black windows, this is it. If you've ever seen a real G-Wagen, they usually have super-dark-tinted windows, so this really doesn't bother me one bit. I'm just happy Matchbox does these left-field choices.

  4. It's not that complicated. Every individual component costs Mattel a certain amount to do. If you want another axle, you have to recoup that cost somewhere else; in this case, the interior has to go. if this isn't done, you end up with a model they'd need to charge $1.50 or $2 for. And that is not gonna happen with Target, Walmart, etc.

  5. I REALLY HOPE MATCHBOX AND HOTWHEELS READS THESE COMMMENTS, because I have been a huge fan of doing away with the interior in favor of a full four tampo treatment, or cool extras like a removable camper or something like that for a very long time. I mean in the 60s some matchbox had a driver as part of the interior, which is really the only way I could really car about the interior, or atleast give us a driver variant of cars, especiailly licensed race cars, having to push a driverless car down a track is not as cool as a car with a driver in it, it adds to the realism. So have black glass in favor of headlights, tail lights, and accurate tampos is very welcomed in my opinion. I mean why did a model like the fiat 500 see foglights, grill, headlights side markers, side badges , rear badges and rear tail lights on ever model release but other models suffer from lack of tampos? and it can not be the excuse of cost, because the euro line last year had several cars that lacked headlights and other basic tampos that would have made it a worthy car. I hope this trend continues. Keep up the progressive ideas Mattel.

  6. The @matchboxworld Instagram account is fun, but hardly a source for much information of value on a consistent basis. It seems the Matchbox team is letting the Lamley blog do most of the grunt work for releasing info on new models … basically becoming the new Ambassador without being named Ambassador. Lamley does a great job and has the resources and experience to carry out the job best, so I suppose it makes sense …

  7. I hate to burst your bubble, but most Matchbox vehicles (except for the tractors, Land Rovers, and open-top models) didn't have interiors from inception (1953) until 1959. And quite a few models from the 60s, 70s and 80s (like the Badger, Freeway Gas Tanker and Articulated Truck, to name a few) had no interiors as well. This is nothing new, so models with no interiors aren't that big a deal.

  8. I am a car collector. I prefer them to be as close to real as possible. That means interiors. This matters to a lot of collectors. I can live without all the tampos. I can add them later. I Cannot add an interior. At least without cannibalizing a “detailed” model I cannot easily get.

    If we use the argument MB didn't have interiors before then we can use the same argument that they also didn't used to have tampo prints for details. But then the models were designed” better so they weren't needed. Again give me a complete car over window dressing.

    As a result I am buying fewer of the models lacking interiors. It is the same reason I do not buy many Maisto models. Nice castings but incomplete.

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