The recolor of the Hot Wheels Datsun Fairlady 2000 is one helluva model…

I’ve talked enough about the new wheels.  We’ve all talked enough about the Fairlady 2000, everyone’s latest favorite JDM.

But holy shit if this recolor in the F Case isn’t something special.  Let’s be honest, we in a way are taking Jun Imai for granted.  His Japanese creations going back to the AE86 and Bluebird 510 seem like they have been part of the Hot Wheels experience for awhile now.  It was fun to say Lamley created JDM hype, but that is stupid.  These amazing models created by Jun and friends are what created it.  They are hard to ignore.  Remember, Jun turned a Datsun grocery getter into the most popular Hot Wheels of the last few years.  I remember posting pics of the 67.5 Roadster at JDM Legends awhile ago, and most were overlooking it for the Hako in the background.  Jun creates one, and boom, its everyone favorite.  I love that!  I honestly do.  Hot Wheels can be a car education too.

And now the wheels are catching up.  As nice as the cream yellow Roadster is, this aqua(?) recolor on the new basic steelies is stunning.  The tires are a tad stretched, the barrels are deep, the details are all there.

Win win win…

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  1. I hope I can find this one. The stores around here aren't doing such a great job with restocking. My local WalMart just got the D case and Target is stuck on C case.

  2. Nice color, but what is with these white dots/spots Hot Wheels keeps putting on these cars? Why not put something in it? Like a number or something. It's just so random. Does anyone know what it means?

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