Case Report: 2017 Hot Wheels E Case…

I hope you know I love you.  Because I do.

I have committed to doing photo Case Reports as well as video Unboxings with each Hot Wheels and Matchbox case.  Typically the Case Reports come first, just as soon as Wheel Collectors gets their shipment, and then I follow up with the videos when the cases from A&J Toys hit my doorstep.

Well there was a little mixup, and the E Case Report was never done.  Wheel Collectors already provided the F Case Report, but missed the E.  So, because I love you, I was very good about keeping the assortment from my E Case intact while I opened it for the Unboxing video.  I repacked the case in order, and then did the Case Report.  Of course just to confuse you I started from the other side of the case in the Case Report, but oh well.  They are all there.  All 72 models.

The Unboxing Video was just posted to the Lamley YouTube Channel as well, so enjoy the double dip.

So, as always, here are the contents of the 2017 Hot Wheels E Case, as I pull the models 3-by-3.


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  1. Isn't it odd that Mattel had to stop selling a car shaped like a toilet because it was an inappropriate toy (apparently), but they've released a new one?
    This is a great case, as you know it's been out here in the UK for some time and everyone's been going mad over some of them like the Gas Monkey Corvette.

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